Employers want to Get inside your head; 5 Best Mindfulness Apps to Train your Inner Emotions Before You Lose Your Job

Employers want to Get inside your head; 5 Best Mindfulness Apps to Train your Inner Emotions Before You Lose Your Job

Unless you have been unceremoniously dumped into the world from another dimension, you must have been bombarded with the word “mindfulness”. In a nutshell, mindfulness helps you placate your nerves and focus your thoughts into the right direction; think of it like Zen without the Buddhism.

Steve Jobs was the most famous practitioner of mindfulness, and many CEOs swear by his amazing techniques. However, if mindfulness was just a passing fad to you, like keato diet, hear me out; the very high tech culture that propagated this concept, is about to turn it from an optional stress-relieving technique for CEOs into a an obligatory skill for anybody who wants to keep their job.

According to the Washington Post, a team of Dartmouth researchers have finally determined how to leverage the data from Fitbit, Apple watch or other wearables to determine whether you’re a positive, happy, satisfied, and therefore a productive worker.

“The researchers say their mobile-sensing system, which consists of fitness bracelets, sensors and a custom app, can measure employee workplace performance with about 80 percent accuracy. The system monitors physical and emotional signals that employees produce during the day and uses that data to create a performance profile over time that is designed to eliminate bias from evaluation [thus] providing someone with valuable insights about their productivity, stress levels during meetings or lifestyle habits that impact their ability to perform their job.”

The tech junkies can pass it all off as a sincere attempt to provide employees with valuable insights about their productivity, lifestyle habits that could impair their ability to perform their job, and stress levels during meetings; what it actually insinuates is that once it’s in place , you will be promoted, compensated, and judged based on what you “feel” rather than the numbers you produce at work!

I wish I was joking, but If you force yourself to smile at work while silently screaming with exasperation at your boss inside; you can’t pretend too long. Think of it this way; most companies consider “attitude” a key element in evaluating employees or prospective hires. Heck, some companies even mandate that their employees smile. However, smiles can be faked, and pleasantries can be as pleasant as you want, even if you are seething inside. Not anymore!

Technology is making sure that wearing a facade of contentment won’t suffice. To qualify as the stellar employee that every organization apparently wants, you will have to keep your emotions and innermost thoughts in check or risk your secret frustration and well-masked anger end up in your annual review.

So, unless you’re a Little Mary Sunshine through and through, you should start mindfulness training since it’s your best bet against surviving in a world where Big Brother is literally inside your brain. If you think you are too busy to practice mindfulness, there are literally hundreds of mindfulness apps available, which you can use to combat anxiety, unleash your untapped potential, manage your weights, boost emotional intelligence, enhance creativity, increase focus, or sleep well. Here are some of the best mindfulness apps to help you practice mindfulness to boost workplace productivity and keep your job if and when your company decides to tap into your brain:

5 Best Mindfulness Apps:

1.      Aura

This is without a doubt one of the best meditation apps of 2019 to help alleviate stress and anxiety for those pressed for time, as it offers daily doses of three-minute micro-meditations that you can work in between your hectic schedule. The app provides an effective, simple, and technologically advanced meditation platform, personalized by AI and created by highly sought-after meditation therapists.

The app allows you to listen to the sounds of nature to help calm your frayed nerves, track moods throughout the day so that you can make amends and keep a gratitude journal to keep things you are thankful for in foresight. The app turns meditation into a game where you level up by partaking in daily challenges. This app capitalizes on machine learning to determine what you need from your meditations, then offers specific recommendations based on what it “thinks” you need.

2.      Breethe

This free app silently monitors you throughout the day, from the time you open your eyes in the morning to the time you finally doze off at night. It provides you with effective guidance and supporting tools to help you stay on track throughout the day with their excellent meditation practices. In addition to five-minute meditations which you can practice in between meetings or on your breaks, it offers you really helpful tips for attaining inner peace, living with intention, feeling love, and overcoming stressful situations. The app is fully customizable and user-friendly to help you practice mindfulness without getting in your way.

3.      Buddhify

Here is a mindfulness apps that sorts its guided meditations by emotions and activities. For instance, you can always find the right mindfulness exercise for when you are going to sleep, taking a break from work, heading out for your morning jaunt, or when you are feeling stressed out, exasperated, or seeking empowerment. Buddhify takes mindfulness training up a notch from your go-to apps, so it is better suited to people who have already tested the waters of meditation.

The app works by tapping into the social tendencies of humans; The creators of Buddhify have developed meditation exercises that you can’t do alone, you need to be with a coworker, friend, your partner, or someone else. The app also lets you share targeted meditations to a friend who you believe needs it. For instance, if you are watching your colleague panicking about a situation, perhaps you can help them by sending a calming mediation.

4.      Calm

This app works to introduce a sense of clarity, peace, and joy in your day-to-day life. Millions of users unanimously consent to the fact that this app is great for mindfulness, meditation, and changing your life in a positive way. As soon as you fire up the app, you are greeted by the placating sounds of falling rain in the background, but you can change it to more tranquil sounds, such as the celestial white noise, the crackling of fire, or the creaking of crickets.

 Calm is a repository of short meditations that you can use throughout a busy day. It is well worth the money that you invest in it. It helps you not only to adopt mindfulness but also stay consistent with your meditation practice. With daily use, you will increase your focus at work for real! Even in the face of tumultuous situations, the app will help you stay nonchalant and unruffled. Let your employer try to get in your head; they will find nothing but happiness, contentment, and self-fulfillment. You only have to read Calm reviews to see how popular the app has become.

5.      Insight Timer

Housing more than 4,000 guided meditations from over 1,000 teachers, covering a wide array of topics such as stress, nature, and self-compassion, in addition to podcasts and tasks, this app is a must-have for all disgruntled employees. If you prefer a quieter meditation, the app lets you set a timer and meditate to a calming ambient noise or intermittent bells. Meditation is a privilege, which is evident by the fact that this app has developed into a community. Once you became a member of Insight Timer, you can choose a meditation exercise depending on how much time you have at the present. With no obligations or charges, this is an app that you can use as you wish, anytime you wish to garner its benefits.

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