7 Habits of Highly Influential People You Want to Learn Before 2020 

“Successful people aren’t born that way. They become successful by establishing the habit of doing things unsuccessful people don’t like to do.” ―William Makepeace Thackeray

Do we often ponder what makes a person powerful?

What is that one thing which makes them stand a class apart from the rest? 

My answer is “Habits.” 

Success doesn’t come cheap. You have to work hard for it and make it a habit. To be a successful leader, one must possess the power of influence. It is an art that only some have mastered; a trait that only a few developed.

A good leader only becomes a success story when he or she adapts certain elements. These elements make them a class-apart!

Care to know what are these elements? Here are 8 habits that makes a person highly influential. 

They Have “Put Themselves First” Ideology

Influential people have the habit of influencing others. Hence, they seldom follow someone else’s opinion. Instead, they have their own opinions and views. Public opinion doesn’t matter much to them. 

Since they don’t have any outside intervention with opinion-making, they usually make their opinions based on facts. They are not willing to change their minds once they have set it to support an opinion. 

We term it as the “Put Themselves First” ideology which gives them an edge over others. 

However, if someone does present a more fact-supported opinion, there’s no harm to curb yours a bit. 

They are Never Satisfied with the Status Quo

Here’s to one thing that is common among every influential person, they are never ever satisfied with how things are at their end. You will always find them pondering and asking questions such as: 

“What if?” or “Why not?” or “If We can” 

They are not afraid to challenge the conventional wisdom that goes around. While others may call them disruptive in nature, but even if they are, it’s because they want to make things better. 

They Speak to Inspire Others

One of the best things about highly influential people is that whenever they speak, they speak to inspire others. 

They make conversations that can create ripples in the tides. They are not just focused in one particular direction, but they are multi-directional. They are spoken to inspire everyone around them. 

They want to enable others so they can inspire people around them and enable them to explore new ideas. By doing so, they help these individuals so they can carve their own paths towards success. 

They Know how to Build Connections

One engaging habit of the highly influential individual is that they know how to build proper connections. They are well-versed in the science of socializing and can readily connect with you. 

Not only are they capable of connecting with you but they also reach out to your connections as well. 

They add value for their connections as well as add value to their connections through them. Also, they share what they have experienced so they can create awareness so others can have it too. 

Their ability to get into the shoes of their people and looking at the world from their perspective is what enables them to build perfect connections. The stronger their circle, the better they can preach. 

They Are Open to Disagreements

Another great trait of a highly influential person is that they do not react emotionally. Playing defensive isn’t a part of their personality and they just don’t play that way when someone complains. 

In fact, they are more resilient in nature. They have the patience to listen to others just in case they might teach them something new. They accept the fact that they do not know everything. Hence, they embrace the idea of listening to others so they can see it from their perspective and learn from them. 

If the other person does not stand correct, they can always share a logical opinion and correct them. 

In case, the other person stands corrected and has a much stronger logical explanation in contrast to their opinion, they whole-heartedly accept the idea and change their opinion about the matter too.

They Are Also Very Proactive

An influencing leader will not sit and wait for new ideas to come to him/her. They take the chance of exploration instead. They go out and hunt that idea down and work on it which makes them proactive. 

They are the people who seek what is coming and then make sure that they learn it beforehand. 

By knowing which technology is going to become a powerful trend in the coming days, it becomes easier for them to explain it to others. People are curious about the future and when certain people discuss what they have learned about what’s going to happen next, they directly have an influence. 

They Hold a Firm Belief

A firm belief is everything. A person who believes in their own power to achieve dreams is the person who has the power to influence others. Hence, they also preach others to share the same dream. 

They want to believe in themselves because it’s where most people are significantly lacking. They have lost the will to do something new, to explore more or to find a path that leads to success. 

Influential leaders have a different belief system. They believe that nothing is out of their reach. This belief system is what inspires them and motivates them to keep on moving forward. It’s what helps them to make others believe that they themselves can also have the same flair which they acquired. 

The simple ideology that they teach is that one person can make all the difference. 

Are you that one person too? Let us know in the comment section 🙂 

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