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7 Ways Having A Dog Can Make Your Life Better!

The furry balled apple of your eye has carved his cozy little kennel in your heart. To your pooch, you are the center of his universe and he, your little obliging minion.  All dog owners believe that their four-legged canines have enhanced the quality of their lives and made them happier, content, and surprisingly filled the void of a companion.

However, these furry friends can give you a clean bill of health as well, even when all they seem to do is laze on the couch or chew around the house (and never seen slinging a stethoscope around their pudgy little necks). Next time you are in the midst of a vicious war with a cat person, here’s your ammunition to prove how your pooches are filling your lives with awesomeness:

1)    Reduced Risk of Allergies

While the mere presence of a pooch can be a trigger for people with allergies (It’s not the poor pooch’s fault), research shows that kids who grow up with a dog around the house are less vulnerable to allergies. A study conducted by the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, in 2004, discovered that exposure to dogs in babyhood, especially around the time of birth, can actually enhance children’s immune development and alleviate the probability of certain allergic diseases, such as wheezing, atopic dermatitis, and eczema.

2)    Detection of Lower Blood Sugar Level

Diabetic people are often not able to tell when their blood sugar levels soar too high or drop too low, however, some trained dogs can. How they do it is still a mystery, however studies hint that minute muscle tremors or changes in the owner’s scent might be a cue.

Dogs trained by Medical Detection Dogs — a UK charity that collaborates with researchers to warn individuals of out of range blood sugar levels — were able to alert the owners accurately during times of peak blood sugar. This would result in lower paramedic calls, improved independence for the elderly, and few episodes of unconsciousness. And once again, pooches save the day!

3)    Cancer Warning

Your pooch would soon give all the oncologists a run for their money. Dogs are not only good for sniffing out skin cancer, but also detect bladder, breast, lung, colon, and ovarian cancers. Not only is there anecdotal evidence but also scientific proof of this phenomenon.

Your canine friend can do more than play fetch and could potentially save your life or the life of a loved one someday. Pooches are so good at this that some are even trained to assist doctors. Three cheers for the Pooches!

4)    They keep you on your Toes

Try lazing around or sloth on the couch when you have an agile pup around you. Your pup is prone to begging for long jogs, a whiff of fresh air, or games of fetch than you care to admit! This encourages owners to go for protracted walks with their pooches or exercise for their amusement.

A 2006 study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine found dog owners were more likely to get moderate physical activity during the week than non-dog owners and gleaned the daily recommended 30 minute walk on average. Next time somebody asks you about your trainer, let your pooch bathe in the glory.

5)    Get Sick Less

The cleaning commercials make us believe we are in the midst of a raging sea of germs and need to wage a constant war against them. In reality, excessive cleansing can only make us sicker and reduce our immunity. Fortunately, your pooch is a walking germ factory!

Having a pooch around (possibly snuggled to your body or wetting you with a slobbering tongue) means more germs in the house and inside your body. Don’t worry; it would go a long way towards boosting your immunity. If you think you are getting sick less often, your pooch is the one to thank.                                                

6)    Active Social Life

There’s no better ice breaker than an adorable wagging pooch! People tend to become more drawn towards dog owners and stop in their tracks to utter a hello, or pat the endearing darling.

You never know when the cupid strikes his arrow and you and Fido meet your significant others on some jaunt! Even if you live alone, having a dog fulfills your void for human companionship and you know who you have to come home for!

7)    Ward off Depression

Pooches have known to save their owners from falling in to crippling depression, even better than any medication. You only have to look at that heartwarming face, the small trusting puppy eyes, the gleeful grin, to smile back and forget your blues.

Taking care of a dog prevents you from retreating inside and forces your utmost attention. The unconditional love you receive from your pooch can fill your heart with warmth and give you a reason to live! Even the mere act of looking at your pet triggers the amount of Oxytocin, the “feel good” chemical, in the brain. Pooches for the win!

Did you know that having a pet at work can really boost your productivity up by 100%? What do you think of taking your pet to work?

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