The Best Time Management Tips for the Future Leaders in 2020

Research performed by McKinsey and Company revealed that there are 4 types of behavior that directly account for effective leadership. As a staunch leader, you should be a great problem solver, you need to be result-oriented, you need to see things from different perspectives and you need to learn how to support others. If you have the following four behavior traits, you’re an effective leader. 

But still, as a leader, there are so many things which can keep your focus well-disturbed. 

As a leader, you still have responsibilities such as pushing the sales-forward and contribute to the growth of the organization. To achieve big, you need to make sure you can effectively guard your time. 

Today, I am going to help you learn some of the best time management tips. By knowing these tips, I am sure you will be capable to strategically place yourself in refreshing new ways and move forward. 

Start by Creating a Short To-Do List

Can’t figure out where to begin? Start by creating a to-do list where you can list down all your tasks for the day in one place. This is a great strategy as it helps you assemble all your important tasks in a single place. You can then prioritize your tasks according to your schedule and start achieving them. Take 15-30 minutes to break in between major and minor tasks and go on an accomplishment spree. The more you achieve, the more it helps in honing up your leadership skills and motivate you to go forward. Small accomplishments on a daily basis can satiate your need for instant gratification. The thrill of crossing off tasks from your list will eventually propel you to do more and also manage time. 

Make the Best Use of your Calendar

Nowadays, you can find a calendar on your desktop, laptops, smartphones, work desks and just about everywhere. How about you make use of a calendar to record all your important appointments and stamp your appointments accordingly. Use a calendar that can help you stay in sync with everything. If you have a habit to record all your appointments at one place (may it be a paper or your smartphone) quickly transfer that information to the master calendar. Even if you like to make mental notes, make sure that you add your appointments to your master calendar as it can save a lot of brainpower. By organizing your schedule you can effectively manage your time and do your tasks well. 

Stop Wasting Time in Writing Unnecessary Emails

Do you often find yourself writing the same emails over and over again? Do you ever wonder if there’s a better way of writing those same emails? Well, have you heard about the reusable text blocks yet? Microsoft Outlook and Word offers you to compose your emails using the reusable text blocks which you can add to your emails on the go. With just a few handfuls of clicks, you can avoid rewriting your emails. Let’s just assume that to inform a sub-ordinate that a task is getting delayed and he or she can be in serious trouble, you often write the same blurb. Maybe when you’re pitching a client and you need to introduce your company, you also write the same values that your company offers in each email. Save your time by creating reusable text and avoid rewriting the same thing a thousand times.  

Organize Your Meetings So They Take Less Time

People have a tendency to stretch legs if they realize that there’s an extra time left in meetings. As a good leader, you need to ensure that you fill up that gap. After all, achieving tasks should be your concern. If you can create that sense of urgency among your employees too, then it’s a major win. Try to squeeze your meeting time as much as you can. In this way, people can develop a better sense of time management and can understand the importance of your time. They can list all the important points first-hand and then wrap up the meetings early on. Good leaders often take a more proactive approach. They answer the important questions first and address the challenges beforehand so at the of the meeting nobody feels that they are disconnected or confused about what’s to be discussed. 

Remember that Taking Shortcuts can Waste Your Time

Many of us have this false belief that if we can take shortcuts, we can actually squeeze a whole lot more in a single day schedule than expected. But do we understand the consequences which come along with taking shortcuts? We often forget the risk associated with taking shortcuts will only add more time to our calendar in case we are tasked with resolving them. Out of 10 shortcuts we take, only a couple see the light of day and truly become successful. Hence, as a leader, I strongly urge you never to take shortcuts in achieving your goals but instead take the long route. There’s no harm in running the extra mile, but just think that a perfectly accomplished task will save you additional time. In this way, you will be very capable of achieving the tasks you set out for and achieve big in life. 

Don’t Blame Yourself a Victim If You’re Failing to Manage Time

Last but not least, don’t victimize yourself if you’re failing to effectively manage your time. Whether you’re at home or you’re at the office, if you’re falling short on your accomplishments, don’t feel bad about it. It’s okay! We all tend to fail once in a while and just in case if you’re falling short on time too then understand that it is just part of the process. Sometimes you achieve sometimes you just don’t. Instead of making yourself feel like a victim, try to break important tasks into smaller segments and achieve them one step at a time. Also, you can identify the noises around you. Take a look, are there elements that are creating disturbances? It is best to sever your ties from these elements. Let your creative juice flow in eternal peace so you can get into a routine of achievements and before you know it! You will be accomplishing so much with that extra amount of time in your hands to do great things. 

So there you go, here are some of the best time management tips. Here they are for all the fellow leaders out there seeking to accomplish great things in life. I hope this article was helpful. Let us know if you’ve any more crazy ideas related to effective time management. I would like to learn them. 

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