5 Mind-Blowing Company Culture Examples to Take Inspiration

Cultures are important. A good organizational culture is a defining point whether your organization is going to survive the long haul as a separate entity or is it just going to add up with the other similar tech firms as a chip off the old block.

Good company culture is what breathes the essence of life in the workplace. One of the reasons why many potential employees walk away from stable organizations is because these organizations fail to offer them the perfect work culture.

Believe it or not, but a strong culture is what makes the very foundation. And the companies who fail to sustain one see their dramatic downfall.  

Creating and sustaining a company culture is no longer just an option. It has become mandatory. But how should an organization adopt a company culture that becomes an added benefit to their traditional values? How do leaders of tomorrow create the perfect culture within their organizations? 

Here are 5 major organizations that have set the perfect company culture examples.

Do you want to learn from their experiences? Read on.

Southwest Airlines

Employees at airline industries are often recognized as individuals who have a grumpy attitude. But that’s certainly not the case with Southwest Airlines. In fact, the customers who often use the airline for traveling state that they find the employees at Southwest airlines rather happy and helping. 

So what makes the employees so self-satisfied at Southwest Airlines? 

With more than 43 years of experience under the belt, Southwest Airlines isn’t certainly new to the corporate culture business. And in all that time, they have somehow found a remarkable way to instill the corporate vision, mission, and goal among employees making them feel as if they are a part of a unified system. The mission statement for Southwest Airlines shows the utmost dedication of their employees to deliver a powerful sense of friendliness, warmth, individual pride and company spirit. 

The company encourages its employees to take forward steps in making customers happy. 


When it comes to challenges, Adobe stands a class apart. Here’s one organization that goes out of the way to set high-stake challenges for its employees and at the same time provide them with the ultimate trust and support so their employees can meet those challenges. 

One of the best things about Adobe’s work culture is that they do not micromanage their employees because of their faith in them. It’s what sets Adobe different from other work-cultures and motivates employees to work with honesty. Adobe focuses more on the creative edge and the only way it can achieve it is by providing complete freedom to its employees. Hence, they do not involve themselves with micro-management giving absolute liberty to employees so they can explore on their own. 

By confirming their trust in employees, Adobe promotes the perfect positive environment. 


For those of you who don’t know what Zappos is, it is an organization that manufactures and sells its own brand of shoes. Just as much as Zappos is known for selling online shoes, it is equally cherished for the remarkable company culture it has successfully established. 

At Zappos, employees begin their journey with an unusual condition where Zappos openly offers $2,000 to their employees to leave their organization if they are unable to adjust in the environment during the first week. In that weekly period, they instill their 10 core values in every new employee. Those who connect with the values and follow them through are successful. One of the best things about Zappos is that employee salary raise is structured on their respective skills rather than involving themselves in office politics. In fact, Zappos invest a portion of their yearly budget on employee development and honing up individual’s skillset.  

In short, Zappos believes in hiring individuals who are able to survive in their cultural fit. Anyone who has a flare of learning alongside remarkable customer service can be a great fit for Zappos. 


If you’re actively using social media, then there’s no need to explain what Twitter is. But, here’s something that you don’t know about Twitter… If you’ve ever worked at Twitter, there’s a high chance that you will ever stop talking about its remarkable company culture. From rooftop meetings to friendly co-working culture, Twitter is an organization solely developed by building team environments. 

Employees operating at the HQ in San Francisco have free meals, yoga classes, and vacations. 

But here’s something that every tech startup is already doing, then what makes Twitter a class-apart? It’s the people. Not only are they warm and friendly, but they also have a sense of responsibility which ensures that none of the employees leave the workplace until they have accomplished their tasks. 

Square Space

Square Space is a highly recognized organization in New York City. And one of the things which make Square Space a well-recognized platform is none other but its remarkable working environment. The company culture at Square Space is “flat, creative and open.” A flat culture is one where there are only a few hierarchies involved separating the staff from the executives. It is more widely accepted among startups giving enthusiastic and intelligent individuals to share ideas with the entrepreneurs. 

In Square Space, employees create different groups where they work coherently with each other to achieve compounded goals. Also, the organization provides them with a list of benefits, health insurance plans, nicely stocked kitchens and proper meals, relaxation spaces, attractive office space, flexible vacations, guest lecturers for professional development and a whole lot more. On the plus side, the Down-to-Earth leaders allow employees to openly share their views allowing leaders to help. 


A strong company culture exudes the perfect workplace essence. It motivates employees to work at the goals with passion and enthusiasm. It’s how most businesses climb the stairs of success because they have a positive mindset, a clear vision, and a highly interactive & rewarding work culture. 

Are you a part of an organization where work culture thrives? Would you like to share your experience? 

Let us know in the comments below. 

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