Phrases to Help you Resolve Yourself from Getting into any Conflict

Whether you’re a leader or a follower, one of the things that really stress you out is getting into a conflict with others. It’s the last thing or place you want to be if you want to be a successful person. Conflict resolution is an art, it is an important skill that only a few have truly mastered. It is the process of using the right conflict resolution phrases at the right time.

If you’re good at conflict resolution, you can foster better relations with people around you. It can lead to effective communication and you will eventually know what to say, when to say it and how to say it. 

Are you eager to understand which of the 12 phrases can help you save from conflicts? 

Here they are. 

Let’s take a Breather and Think this Through

Imagine you are briefing an entire team who is tasked with marketing the next big project your company has planned to launch. You want it to get the big break it deserves as the developers working behind the curtains have invested a good chunk of their time to build it up of high quality. 

However, there are a few bad eggs in your crew that keep on asking you complex questions… 

What should you do? “Hey, guys! I think the briefing has got you thinking all over, so let’s take a breather and think this through.. And btw why don’t you guys come here so we can have a talk”

By saying this, you will have the chance to give everyone (including yourself) a pause from the situation and then during that moment, explain the bad eggs that it is a do or die situation. 

Answer their queries while explaining to them the importance and avoid getting into a conflict. 

Thank you for your response, I appreciate your feedback

Joe is an active employee at our firm who is pretty blunt and says whatever comes to his mind. 

One day, he walks up to my desk and tells me how I shouldn’t be giving advising the board about the new deal that is about to take place. He finds my advisory counsel to immature and full of arrogance. 

Now, I could’ve simply gotten into a conflict with him by questioning him why he thinks that way! 

But instead, I sweetly replied, “Thank you for your response, I appreciate your feedback.”

Guess what! The whole situation died down, and he stomped his feet and walked away to his station. 

Sometimes, people just want to find an excuse to make you feel bad, give them a positive response.  

Are you feeling emotional about this topic, is that right? 

People who are dedicating 36-40 hours of their week at a certain project tend to develop strong emotions for their work. When you condemn their feelings and say something crisp, it can hurt them. 

Alex is a hardworking shepherd on our marketing block and due to overworking, his quality started to impact. However, Alex was too pompous and deeply engaged to realize how is quality is going bad. 

I had to take the step. On the first day of the week, I called him up to my room and explained it to him. As I expected, he got emotional and was about to burst at me when I said, 

“Are you feeling emotional about this topic, think over it Alex! Is that the right thing to do?” 

And he understood the problem right away and took a more subtle step to improve his work.

How about we work on this problem together? 

I have spent 6 years in the field of digital marketing and I am quite well-versed of situations. This one time, we hired an employee named Jill who was really struggling at social media marketing. 

We’ve spent more than $400 in a week and she was unable to find even a single lead. 

So I called her up to my room and asked her about her performance which sent her in a hysterical fit of complaints. If I would’ve started counteracting her rants, we would’ve failed to achieve anything. 

Instead, I offered her my help by saying, “how about we work on this problem together?” 

This simple statement not only calmed her down but saved her from the building anxiety. I helped her resolve her queries with my expertise and today, she is doing much better than I could’ve imagined. 

How about we take a look from a different perspective? 

Matthew, one of our lead generation specialist was always cranky about not able to score some of the best leads. Jones, on the other hand, would always get things done and would eventually get the best. 

So during a meeting, Matthew got all curious and tried to corner Jones down on his performance. He wanted to know what Jones was doing that he was unable to achieve. I was silently observing them. 

Matthew was probing too many questions and apparently, Jones wasn’t ready to give him a straight answer. So instead, Jones simply started beating around the bush until I heard him say those words. 

“Why don’t you take a look at the problem from a different perspective?” 

As a result, the conversation took an odd turn. They were about to get into a conflict and it dissolved. 

Jones sure earned quite an appreciation. 

Help me understand, please explain what do you mean? 

Often times, individuals get into a gridlock of conversations and are unable to think clearly. 

When such situations arise, it is important that one of the two individuals should have a clear mind. For instance, Jones and Matthew never come to terms with each other and would always take a row. 

I took the liberty to call them up at my room and ask them to, 

“Help me understand, explain what do you mean?”

So before things could’ve gotten haughty inside the room, I dissolved the situation beforehand.  

There you go, here are some of the ways how leaders can dissolve conflict within their organization. Do you have some catchy phrases for yourself too? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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