4 Fantastic Ways to Empower Conscious Leadership in your Corporate Leadership Style

Do we often wonder what makes a leader conscious and aware of his/her position in the organization?

And the answer is… his integrity, motivation and authenticity towards achieving the vision. 

Every organization is empowered with a strong vision behind which there are several values, missions and agendas that require fulfilment. And the only way those goals & objectives can be achieved is when a strong person sits behind the wheel. A conscious leader is one who is well-aware of his position as the pilot of the plane. He’s the one who knows it is his duty to make sure that everything goes according to plan. And when he is conscious about his leadership role, then others listen with the intent to understand. It gives him the authoritative position within the organization and tunes them with his flow. Jim Dethmer, the author of “The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership” explains in his book that an unconscious leader is always reactive and is filled to the brim with ego. He often leverages that ego to run the show whereas a leader who is conscious and aware about his leadership takes a more subtle approach. What makes a conscious leader and how you can empower it? 

Here are 4 things you must do to fit in the conscious leadership role. 

They Cultivate Self-Awareness

A strong leader is aware of his strengths and weaknesses. When a leader harnesses the power of exploring himself, he or she often initiates the journey by identifying what are his/her strong suits and where they lack professionalism. Based on their respective strengths & weaknesses, they often align their goals & objectives and proceed forward with the ultimate vision. 

However, a conscious leader goes a step beyond normality. He or she is more aware of their thoughts, feelings and motives. They monitor their thoughts, understand their motives and see what they feel about them. By observing these aspects, they become more self-aware of their position and learn how to effectively manage themselves among colleagues, stakeholders, etc. 

A good way to begin is to ask yourself a series of questions such as, 

  • Are my present goals & objectives giving me the happiness which I sought? 
  • How can I make my day more enjoyable, fun and interesting? 
  • Am I falling short in achieving certain goals and if I am then how can I achieve them? 
  • What are my personal favorite tasks and how I can manage them to make my days good? 

By answering such questions, a leader can empower themselves to be more conscious in their roles. 

Influence Yourself with the Positive Mindset

Jim Rohn, the classy entrepreneur once said, 

“You are the product of the five people you frequently associate yourself with.”

Believe it or not, but the innermost circle and the people we choose to hangout with, may it be the workplace or home-settings is what makes the bulk of our personalities. If we hang out with the positive people who are always brimming up with ideas, goals & objectives, we develop an inner trait of achievements. The people with whom we most associate ourselves with are the right people for us. 

If you want to be a self-conscious leader, start by creating a list of 5 people you spend your time with. Check whether these individuals are the right people. Are they positive or are they negative? If they are negative, then it’s best that you distance yourself from them and choose a company which is positive. 

Learn about their attitudes and behaviors and you will understand their personalities. 

Are they good people? If not, then restructure your inner circle with people who are achievers. 

They Meditate to Become Conscious

If you want to be a conscious leader, then you need to learn the art of meditation. 

Studies have shown that a conscious leader has reduced stress levels, have higher creativity, have improved sleep cycles, and excessively powerful brain functionality which helps them to focus. 

As discussed above, here are a few things that one can achieve with meditation but the benefits of meditating goes way well beyond that. They all work together to enhance a person’s consciousness. 

But how should a leader introduce meditation in their busy lives? Well scientific study approves that there are multiple ways of meditating. It is not necessary that you perform meditation in the traditional yoga style only. You can now meditate sitting in silence for 10 minutes. If that isn’t achievable, you can do it by connecting with nature and taking a walk outside or chant a certain mantra to reach the depth. 

Meditate every day, and it will help you reach the depths of your consciousness in no time. 

Conscious Leaders Do Things Intentionally

You may observe them as selfish, but a conscious leader always does things with an intention. 

May it be a vacation you wish to go on or it is a dinner you want to share with colleagues, make sure to find a way to make things happen your way. It’s how you become empowered to live life on your terms. Not only this attitude helps you to develop a purposeful life, but it will also make you progress forward positively. By doing so, you not only become conscious but you also share that consciousness with others. People understand that you’re highly motivated in achieving objectives. 

Sit down this weekend and list down all the reasons why you chose to be a leader! Choose your intentions wisely and then circumference your life happenings around them to achieve them quickly. 

Concluding Thoughts

If you want to transform your life and set your path to achieving personal freedom, then it is essential that you become fully aware of your leadership position. As a conscious leader you can be more effective in making others follow the right path and fulfill their commitments. A few other traits which you need to pay attention to as a leader may include not making assumptions, doing your best to achieve greatness, not taking things personally and being true to your words. 

Are you eager to follow the same path as that of a conscious leader? Leave your thoughts with us. 

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