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Inner Beauty Rituals To Help You Become A Better Version Of Yourself

Beauty isn’t skin deep; it permeates in the light of the heart. The supercilious media has driven us all to perceive a person by their physical appearance and look past who they truly are inside.

However, inner beauty is profoundly more imperative, all-encompassing and radiant; something that every person on this planet must cherish, nurture and be aware of. It is a delectable concoction of humility, kindness, self-confidence, faith, patience, contentment, optimism, passion, calmness, love and a generous sprinkling of glowing smiles.

Your inner beauty is what attracts and warms up people to you and it is the same trait that inspires trust in you. Here’s how you can cultivate your inner beauty:

inner beauty

1)    Practice Conviction

Cast away all negative thoughts and fears. If your will is yoked to wisdom, you can achieve anything. – Paramahansa Yogananda

Let nothing weaken your conviction that you can be whatever you want to be. We are our biggest critics and nothing obstructs us more than negative self flagellation. Not using your will power to transcend boundaries is the trait of an inanimate object. Constructive thoughts, on the other hand, elucidate your pathway to success and afford moments of clarity.

Remember that you are endowed by the same potential as the greatest of men and all you need to do is to attune an iron clad will to your aspirations, guided by the wisdom of a higher self. If you befriend yourself, you would find great help and comfort that could move mountains. Remember, there is always a way to be found if you think hard enough.

2)    Avoid Negative Talk

Gossip and harsh comments about others breed negativity and evil in the heart. Instead, use your potential and breathe focusing on the good that others have to offer. Rather than uttering a deprecating retort about somebody’s evident trait or appearance, put a positive spin on the subject and focus on his inner self. Focusing on the good in others cleanses your heart of hatred and premonitions and brings out the best in you. You’d find yourself attracting people because they feel secured in your company.

3)    Surround Yourself With Inspiring People

One bad fish pollutes the sea. Out inner self is highly influenced by who we chose to surround ourselves with. Always be with people who uplift and encourage you. Avert your positive thinking becoming polluted by bad company. If you cannot find good company to inspire you, harness the power of meditation and find it in yourself. When you are enveloped by people who are gentle, caring and admirable, they help your inner beauty shine through!

4)    Observe Humility

Humility is the product of an honest self appraisal and coming to terms with your many beautiful imperfections and flaws. In fact each person has such an enormous store of them that discussing others would be rather foolish. Humility is cultivated through living a life of service – to dedicate your life to helping other people and finding joy in that. You would find that there is nothing more gratifying that being able to help a person and bringing a smile to somebody’s lips.

5)    Be Caring

Biggest trait of people with high awareness of inner beauty is their ability to care about everything in their vicinity; be it other people, animals or environment. They see it as their moral obligation. Aspire to find ways to instill happiness in to somebody’s life or induce a value to their being, how to empathize with the sick and the elderly and to see that everybody you know is cared for in an emotional, physical and spiritual level!

6)    Stay Content To Cultivate Inner Beauty

Patience and contentment go hand in hand! Learn to let go of what is not in your control and glean the wisdom to accept things as they are and people for who they, instead of rushing to take charge and change things. People with strong inner beauty have a placid contentment towards life. 

Harbor a positive optimism for the future and be aware that no matter how dark the prospects seem at the moment, there is always a light at the other end of the tunnel. Find ways to seek bliss in the smallest things, be it a walk on the beach or holding a newborn child. Let the time stop, the world fade and you are fully present, fully alive. This is pure contention!

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