Are Mind Chatters Becoming a Hurdle? Here’s How to Fix Your Head

Do you know that the average mind deals with more than 50,000 different thoughts almost every day? That’s a lot of mind chatters for a single day.

Boy oh boy! It sounds like a lot of information flowing through the human brain. 

If you want to be a good leader, then you can pay attention to these thoughts and cherry-pick the ones that complement your efforts. But, if you want to be a great leader, you’ve to think a little outside the box. 

The secret of success doesn’t lie in what thoughts you let your mind empower, but on how you are able to control and quite them up. Do you want to prevent mental exhaustion? Here are some ways to minimize it. 

Give Yourself Time to Take Mental Breathers

Working continuously and for long hours can often lead to high mental stimulation causing the human mind to overwhelm. As a result, your mind ends up chattering more than you expect it to do. If that’s the case with you, it’s time you take a short break and give your mind a breather. 

The best way of doing it is by allowing your mind to vent off. Do you like to meditate? It’s a good practice to keep your mental chatter at bay. Take out 10-15 minutes after a long working period to do absolutely nothing. Do some heavy breathing exercises instead, to let your mind unwind. 

It will make sure your mind stays healthy, fresh and on the right track. 

Don’t Let Your Fears Empower Your Mind

Do your fears always empower your mind with unwanted concerns? Do you often find yourself fidgeting your thumbs at the table, biting your nails or thinking too much about your worries without even knowing? 

Here’s something that each and every one of us has to experience all in a day’s work. 

Unwanted mental chatters can create quite the havoc in mind leading you to make decisions abruptly and choose a course of action that may not seem fit for your personal development or your growth. 

As a great leader, it is best that you learn how to overcome your fears and not let them flood your mind. 

One of the best ways of doing so is to face them. Whatever fears are trying to make you feel weary of your lifestyle, or making your worry about things that don’t even exist, give them a chance to confront you. 

Who knows, the odds are going to turn in your favour and compliment you for overcoming them. And in the wake of doing so, you’re going to do a great deal to yourself by simply relaxing your inner monologue. 

Silence the Mind with the Power of Ultimate Focus 

Have you ever tried thinking four things at the same time? It’s not humanly possible. And even if somehow it is, you won’t be able to benefit from it, not a single bit. Don’t run your brain through the blasphemous drill of rattling your mind with unwanted rhymes. Instead, choose to shift your mind to establishing focus. 

Do you know that great leaders often overcome their mental chatter by developing a strong focus? 

It’s how they progress forward in life and professionalism at the same time. Silencing the mind is an art that requires consistent practice, and leaders who are inclined to do great things in life can do it perfectly. 

The next time your mind starts chattering too much, try to give an ultimate focus on a task for an hour. 

The chatter will eventually fade away. 

Harness the Ultimate Control on Your Thoughts

I wonder how many times it has happened to you. 

Your favourite colleague with whom you work on a part-time basis comes up with great news that he or she has successfully rounded up a multinational business client who is willing to give a complete project to you guys! Suddenly, it curbs your enthusiasm and your mind goes off and starts flooding you with great ideas. We have all been there, and often when it happens we don’t pay much attention to the way our thoughts start flowing in and out. As a result, we are unable to come up with the right solution and when we deliver them with results, they are certainly not satisfied with our performance. 

The only problem here is that we haven’t learned to say STOP! Or NO! To our inner mental selves. 

So start by telling your mind NO! When it is required. Because if you won’t then it will make the decisions for you. Don’t let the train of thoughts destabilize your mental energy and make you indecisive so you just go with the idea that says, “I am creatively more vibrant than the rest.” But instead, analyze, let your mind see leverage through the different pros and cons so you can make the decision that is worth the while. 

Take the Charge & Lead From Within Yourself

Believe me or not, but any famous leaders have found themselves trapped in their daily drill of mental chatters. It’s not something that they want to do, but they often find themselves trapped in a conversation with their inner monologues. And when the monologues are unstoppable or reasoning more attractively, they succumb to their thoughts and just agree with everything that these thoughts can logically approve. 

If you don’t want to find yourself trapped in that sweet disposition, its best that you change the narrative and lead from within. Leadership stems from the inside and if you’ve mastered the power of overcoming yourself, you are already on the right track to take that charge. It will silence your mind and make it focus. 

So there you go, here are a few reasons for you to think about how you can create a sound mind. 

Do you find something useful, or do you want to add a few bits? Leave a comment. 

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