5 Powerful Lessons on How to Take Action Without Having Any Fear

“If you’re waiting until you feel talented enough to make it, you’ll never make it.” ― Criss Jami, Healology

As I was going through my daily quotes, I came across this wonderful quote by Criss Jami. I couldn’t help but wonder, how do people achieve what they set their mind to achieve? And after giving it a bit of thought, I got my answer.

If you want to see some real changes in life, you can only see them if you take the necessary actions. Speaking of actions, just make sure they are consistent.

How do you think Steve Jobs of Apple made iPhone a remarkable product? Why Bill Gates was able to create an operating system which nobody ever thought of creating? Would taking a trip to space could’ve ever been commercialized if it wasn’t for Elon Musk? How did these guys really nailed it?

To become a success story, everything needs time. Only then will your actions produce some credible results. These guys were consistent in what they did, and not only did they work towards achieving their goals, but they kept themselves very consistent, even in the face adversity, they displayed strength. Without a doubt, you have to be consistent in what you do, and not only work towards your goals when you’re in the mood. You need to make sure you’re fueled at every step so you keep going. 

Gaining inspiration and staying consistent on a task can be cumbersome. To keep you away from the struggles, I have put together this wonderful article which will surely help you find a way through. 

Keep Your Focus Game Strong; Focus only on the Process

Do you know why processes fail? It’s because people overwhelm themselves with achieving targets and goals. In the wake of achieving their set objectives, they often fall short in delivering quality of service. Tasks done half-heartedly can often result in failures and create havoc all over as a whole. 

The trick to master the art of achievement is to put aside the goals & objectives. 

On the contrary, the idea is to keep your focus game strong and showing consistency in your tasks. 

For example, if you’re a gym enthusiast and you want to shred your upper body in 6 months, instead of focusing on following your exercising and diet plan religiously for six months, try focusing on improving your workout process on a routine basis. This will eventually help you to overcome your set marks and do a whole lot more as your body gets more accustomed to the workout sessions. When you put a cap on your workout with a time-benchmark or a rep-set-benchmark, you hinder your ability to go beyond. Unlock your ability to do more, to achieve more, to take a step further from where you were before. Only then, you will truly be able to break the habit. You will be surprised at your performance. 

Prioritize the Reasons Why You Believe Taking Action is Necessary

Find out reasons why you believe taking actions is necessary. Maybe you’re the only working person and you want to support your family, maybe you want to travel or you want to make some change; whatever may the reason be, find one that can keep you motivated to take necessary actions around. 

In the midst of achievements, we often forget what was the reason behind taking actions. And, if such a thing happens, you can easily remind yourself of the reasons why you believe taking action necessary. 

  • Jot Down The Reasons – Take some time off from your busy schedule and pen down all the reasons why you believe it is important to take actions. You can create as many reasons as you want and keep it in your back pocket. Next time, you ever feel demotivated just take out your reasons and read them.  
  • Stick it on Your Desk – Reasons shouldn’t stay in your pockets. Why not create a sticky note of each and stick it on a soft board at your desk. It will help you to keep track of how much you’ve achieved. 

Feel Positive to Positively Empower Your Actions

Certain tasks can be real troublesome, and sometimes doing the same thing over and over again simply kills the mood of doing it. Now, you certainly don’t want that to happen with you, do you? 

Feelings play an important role in keeping your motivation up. Unless you aren’t motivated you won’t be able to do tasks repetitively. When you will feel negative, deep inside your mind will send negative messages which in turn will create negative moods like anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, etc. 

On the contrary, if you will feel positive, your mind will send positive messages to your body and generate positive moods such as happiness, excitement, contentment, enthusiasm, etc. 

The more positive you will feel, the more you can gather the will of taking actions positively. 

Scared of Taking a Big Step; Take Smaller Ones Instead

Some days, you work as an enthusiastic racehorse, winning every race of the day. Other days, you just feel your mind is all foggy and your attention is disturbed; these are usually the days when you have to take a big step. If you ponder, you will realize that it’s not the day that’s sulking but it’s your own attitude which is holding you back. At times as such, you have to find a way to break the habit. 

Procrastination is good, but if it clouds your judgment, then you need to find a way out. Or else it will create hindrance in your productivity and can limit your ability to perform at the workplace or home.  

Can’t take a big step? No worries. Take smaller ones instead. Just don’t procrastinate. 

One great way is to create conditions. For example, you can make a deal to yourself that you will only work for 15 minutes on the big task and then work on other tasks. At least, it will get you started. 

Keep repeating the cycle every time you feel motivated and before you know it, your big task is done. 

There’s No Harm in Cherishing What You Have Done

So what happens when we underperform, we choose a corner and sit to sulk over our failures. If we celebrate our bad day with sadness, then why not celebrate our good days with happiness? 

Achieved what you set ours for? Take a break and sit down with yourself! Cherish the moment, appreciate your effort, give yourself a pat on the back, congratulate yourself in the mirror 🙂 

You have done it… 

Cherishing your achievements will nourish you internally and carve a path for you, a way forward. 

You can even choose to give yourself a small reward, go ahead and purchase something you wanted. Maybe, it was a smartphone or a wallet or a movie that you wanted to watch! You deserve it. 

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