Are you Living The Hustle Lifestyle? Why Is It Important To Give Yourself A Break!

Are you living too fast? Do you feel like there is never enough time to do what you aspire for? Even 24 hours seem too less a time to get to where you want to be. We keep hearing that modern lifestyle is nurturing an epidemic of irritability, drinking, loss of digestion, and a slowed down libido.

Guaranteed, the daily drudgery of life seems to drain one of energy, keeping bread on the table is harder than ever, inflation is taking a toll on everyone, and no one knows what the future will bring. However, the question remains: Is financial security worth killing yourself for? Does being a millionaire make you utterly, truly happy? Is it necessary to add extra pressures to your life and grind yourself to a halt to have that extra money to while away?

In the rat race of this era, everybody seems to be running after money. Everyone is in a haste to accrue volumes of money as soon as possible. No amount of money seems “too much”. The more money you earn, the more you re tweak your lifestyle and amp up your desires, so that eventually even that money seems inadequate to keep you happy.

Instead of filling a gap, it only fuels the desire to have more. The vicious cycle continues until you are caught up in the woes of becoming an automated, moneymaking machine! Yet you soldier forward with your commitments and obligations, sometimes because you have to, sometimes you want to, until life gets so hectic that, the stress of it all wreaks havoc on our physical and mental well being.

It is good to have money and all the amenities of life that money can buy, but it is also prudent to check up occasionally to ensure that you have not lost the things that money cannot buy. You do not to be in the office when your baby takes his first step, or when your significant other sleeps in anticipation of your coming home eventually.

As they say, nobody is sadder than a rich person who has nothing but piles of money. A more viable life goal is to pursue being “reasonably contented” and eradicating each unfulfilled aspiration and goal which makes happiness seem elusive.

People living a hustle lifestyle have big ambitions and goals in life. Instead of settling for what they have, they aspire to garner more out of life. A mediocre job, a modest house, and a used car seem to be signs of failure for them. They believe that one should never stay complacent with what he has, when he knows how much better he can fare. After all, what is there that money can’t buy?

Why live in a humble 3-bedroom abode when you can have a grandeur mansion? Why contend with a job that undervalues and underpays you, when you can strive hard to build your own business and be your own boss? Why drive a minivan when you can delve into a chic Buggati?

When such people work diligently day in and day out to carve out a niche for themselves, how can they not simply devote all their time to it and make sure everything works seamlessly, even if it means working 16 hours a day and coming to a mesmerizing home only to rest at night? All work and no play seem to be motto!

However, everybody agrees being too rich but mildly content is better than being poor but enormously happy. In the age of profound amenities and luxuries, how can one afford to enjoy life, much less survive, without money? Not having enough money in this era leaves a person constantly exasperated, disheartened, and constantly on the edge. When a person has to give up even the small luxuries of life, it leads to depression and a deep gap is left gaping.

However, as moderation is the key to a healthy, happy, and content life, it is highly dispensable to keep a reign on yourself and desires when pursuing financial stability. Ask yourself truly if the money you have is enough to make you happy and sustain your lifestyle. If the answer is yes, perhaps you can afford to give yourself a break!

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