Let Employees Breathe Easier; The Importance of Maintaining Air Quality to Boost Productivity at Work

“Laziness is in the air…”

“I swear I was feeling quite productive when I woke up this morning, but I have been feeling so groggy and sloppy since I came to work”.

While corporate wellness programs focus on exercise, diet, and biometric screening to boost productivity and health of employees, a new research has revealed that quality of the office environment itself is the most overlooked factor which can negatively impact the productivity, health, and thinking patterns of employees.

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Teams from Syracuse and Harvard universes collaborated to publish a research that scrutinized the effect of indoor air quality. The researchers simulated environments with varying levels of emissions from common office products, carbon dioxide, and ventilation. The same participants were studied under two different conditions. First, the employees were asked to continue their day-to-day activities in a typical office building environment. Then the employees were asked to work in a simulated “green condition” with reduced emissions, low levels of carbon dioxide, and improved ventilation.

 Results showed that compared to the days when the employees had to work in a typical office setting, employees performed 61% better on cognitive tasks when subjected to green condition environment. For the cherry on top, simply doubling the ventilation saw a 100% boost in cognitive performance for all employees.

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Even though plants weren’t a part of the study, we have numerous studies to show that adding greenery to office environments adds to the perception that employees are breathing in fresh air, while improving productivity and satisfaction. Another study concluded that employees had 30% fewer respiratory complaints and headaches, and boasted of well-being in green-certified buildings, in addition to performing over 27% better on cognitive tasks. Finally, workers employed in green-certified buildings claimed to sleep better at night, and the sleep quality was tracked via a wristband.

Since most modern offices are climate-controlled, meaning that windows and doors are sealed shut tight, the air cannot flow in and out of the room unhindered, which leads to the build up of dangerous air pollutants. With all findings suggesting that improving the quality of the indoor environment is critical to enhancing employee performance and well-being, it is high time for organizations to start working on improving the quality of air inside. With such intense focus on employee well-being, 90% of companies have started investing in corporate wellness programs.

Here are a few gadgets to help you monitor and improve air quality at work for your employees. to boost productivity.

Boost Productivity at Work With Air Purifying Gadgets

Dylos DC-1100 PRO

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The Dylos DC-1100 PRO is an amazing contraption that detects the smallest particles such as smog and fine dust, and large particles such as pollen. Its sharp laser beam can even detect particles that are circulating within 100 cubic feet of air and displays the results on an easy-to-read LCD screen. This monitor generates reports b the hour, day or month that reveal the changes in particle concentration within that period. This helps the company administration get to the root of the pollutants and work towards enhancing the performance of vents, air cleaners, and air purifiers. Not only is this device super easy to use, it is reasonably priced as well.

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach

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This streamlined, cylinder-shaped device not only lets you know the air quality specifics¸ it also measures the noise levels, the temperature, and the humidity levels in the environment.  Check out the complementing app or look at the screen to check the results. Based on the rankings that are taken by the gadget’s sensor, the device gives you a color-coded ranking. If the sensor detects a problem, it analyzes it and gives you clear instructions on what to do to rectify it. The app might give you a message such as “Turn on the humidifier,” if it detects low humidity levels at work, or “turn down the thermostat” if it detects higher than comfortable temperature.

When used in workplaces, several of these gadgets can be installed, one for each closed space. They work in sync to provide the data you need. The device also has a remote access functionality which lets the office administration check the conditions of any room from anywhere, even if they are not at work. The device connects to your Wi-Fi network without requiring a subscription fee.

Awair Glow

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If you are looking for an air quality monitor that is as subtle as you can find, consider investing in the Awair Glow. Plug it into a wall outlet or use its built-in outlet to use it anywhere with any electrically powered product. This minimalistic quality monitor is equipped with an LED light at the top. It lights up green when the conditions are optimal, but blink a different color depending on the problem. You can learn and decipher what each color says using the complementing app. The app’s graph-like details tell you the presence of chemicals, carbon dioxide, humidity levels, and the temperature of the room. The budget-friendly Nest compatible gadget can be used to turn on your non-smart devices, such as your air purifier or fan in case the air conditioning fails to work, or at other pre-defined times of the day. By working with google Assistant and Alexa, the gadget helps your home be well-connected.

UV Purifiers

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The short-wave UV light fights off different types of bacteria and other pathogens. Install UV air purifiers in your air-conditioning system, since it allows the air cycling through your AC to come into contact with UV rays produced from special lamps, which serve to disinfect and irradiate it from toxic and detrimental substances. UV air purifiers are normally not used as standalone devices, since they work better when installed in an HVAC system.


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While humidifiers don’t exactly purify the air, they do help you breathe a little easier. Your employees who constantly complain of dry eye, scratchy throats, and allergies could really use a cool mist humidifier. Humidifier works by adding moisture to the air around you, while also eliminating impurities along the way.

Humidifiers come in various sizes and models, from large units that can operate for 90 hours to compact, travel units. Impeller humidifiers generate a mist with the help of a rotating disk, but the downside to these is that they are quite loud. Ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers use ultrasonic waves and are quieter than their counterpart. You can also go for evaporative humidifiers or steam vaporizers, depending on your workplace needs.

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