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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Overcome Negative Thinking & Be Positive In Life

Do you remember playing with dominoes when you were a kid? How you used to line them up in a specific pattern only to drop the very last one to trigger a chain of dominoes falling. 

Life is just like that same chain of dominoes. 

One bad event or one negative thought can eventually initiate a chain of reaction bringing your entire life crashing down upon you. It’s just how the way life works and you can’t do much about it. 

Negative thinking can be toxic. It hinders a brain’s capability to deal with complex tasks. It prevents the mind from processing meaningful information and does not allow the mind to think clearly. 

To top it all off, becoming a negative thinker also has a detrimental effect on health & attitude. 

Are you always finding yourself developing negative thoughts? Here are 5 actionable steps to take so you can permanently avoid negative thinking and create a much more positive lookout towards life. 

Create a Plan

As an entrepreneur, you’re bound to face challenges in life. Now, you can either choose to observe these challenges from a negative perspective which can eventually result in halting your progress or you can choose to take a positive approach towards solving your problem and get the best results. 

When it comes to problem solving, you need a strategic plan in place. 

Start by coming up with an action plan to combat the problems that you’re eventually going to face. As an entrepreneur, there are plenty of challenges and obstacles that will come your way but it is upto you to choose what course of action you will choose to overcome them and move forward with goals. 

Be innovative, manage controversies and plan for the big picture. It’s how you will progress forth. 

Counter the Fears 

Do you have a fear of taking risks just because of your past experiences in losing your game every time you took one? How about we help you overcome that fear once and for all. How many times have you planned something and it has successfully happened exactly the way you perceived it to happen? 

There aren’t quite many times now, is it? Yet, you still took the leap keeping a blind faith in your instincts. Similarly, when you take risks in life they are often not planned; but if you’ve enough faith, the step you are going to take will eventually turn fruitful. Before you know it, you’re well on the path of success. But don’t develop a mental aptitude where you’re left astray after taking the leap. Keep asking yourself: 

“What results do I need to see to move to the next step?” 

Avoid Negative Environments

We are all affected by naysayers and the negative energies coming from people who believe the goals they want to achieve are unachievable. Does someone in your group always have a negative mindset? It’s best that you avoid that person for your own good. Take steps to avoid communicating with people who have a negative mindset. They are always lost in their own world of despair and misfortune. And when you pay too much attention to their stories, it can affect your mental well-being. 

One of the initial places you should stop investing your mind & time is none other but social media. You will normally find people venting about the government, the people, the world, the economy and what not. All that spewing can often build up a lot of negative muck which when you read will only make you feel more depressed than you were before. Hence, be aware of how much you spend your precious time on social media. Instead, focus on other things in order to combat the doom & gloom. 

For instance, you can watch TedEx talks to be positively motivated or maybe read a book. 

Best Not to Say “But” after saying “Yes” 

Have you agreed to come to terms with a particular situation? Say “YES” confidently. 

If you say “yes” to a situation quickly followed with a “but” then be prepared for negative thoughts to stem into your mind and control your fears. Because when you add the word “but” to an affirmation, you let doubt and negativity come into you right from that moment. Instead, use helpful words like “and” to ensure you are qualifying to your affirmations. Feel turbocharged to achieve big and hold the power of progressing forward. If you have doubts, through them in the bin and if you are still eager to ponder upon them, then it’s best you use the conjunction “and” in your thoughts to avoid going down. 

Use Visualization to Combat Negativity

Our internal responses are hardwired in our neural networks and influences our very behaviors. 

If we have a habit of making unhealthy responses, it has quite the detrimental impact on our lives. It readily takes over emotions, dominates our actions and forces us to take steps that we don’t want to. 

For example, if I am nearly half-way through closing a profitable deal, a doubt in mind can crash it. 

So before that happens, it’s best that you develop a habit of visualizing positive thoughts beforehand. Make a mental note in your mind, that every time you will face negativity, you will visualize positively. 

Take the deal for instance which you’re about to make; how about you visualize it to be successful.  

Negative thoughts can have some real detrimental impacts on our lives and the lives of the people all around us. Hence, it is important that we fine-tune our mental selves to eradicate all kinds of negative thoughts that are burdening our mind. Above-discussed are a few ways how negative thinking can be permanently eradicated. Do you have any more actionable steps one must take? Feel free to share. 

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