Stop Worrying, Start Achieving! Here Are All the Reasons Why You Can’t Achieve Your Dreams

How many times have you found yourself pondering on life dreams and then you get this sudden sinking feeling right in the guts? Your vision starts getting foggier and all the fears hidden deep in your mind comes out of the closet to haunt you. A deep uneasy feeling starts setting in and you find yourself facing the harsh realities in life. It’s not just you, but we’ve all been there and faced it all. 

Failing to achieve something that we dream about can often lead us to feel many negative emotions. 

Our negativity fuels our anger which slowly starts turning into despair, jealousy, and even hatred. When we see others achieving, we get angry at them rather than addressing our own lack of achievements. 

And it’s technically not our faults even. We have kids to feed, pay education fees, mortgages to pay, car payments, student loans, and whatnot. Therefore, I wanted to go through some of the most common objections I come across pursuing a dream and there are different shades of grey existing. 

If you know these shades, it becomes relatively easier to navigate through them. 

Obstacle # 1: Financial Conditions

Bills don’t ever stop dropping into your mailbox irrespective of whether you choose to pursue your dreams or not. Do you think now is not the right time to quit your job and pursue a business? Don’t do it. However, this certainly does not mean that you should limit your planning. Take some time out from your busy schedule every day and give a thorough thought on what you wish to achieve. Set your milestones and create a list that assembles all your goals in one place so you can achieve them. 

Just because you are unable to achieve your goals at the moment, it doesn’t certainly mean that you won’t be able to achieve them someday. While you are at work, find resources to fuel up your ideas. Sometimes, to give your ideas a face, the best way is to document it all in the form of a book. Just in case, if it’s not happening right away, it doesn’t mean that you should stop working on your big idea. Find a reason to work on that idea and keep yourself fueled up. Don’t forget finances will flow one day. 

Obstacle # 2: A Disagreeing Spouse

Believe it or not, sometimes it is our disagreeing spouse who becomes a hindrance in our dreams. And when we talk about reasons, there can be plentiful which may include social pressures, financial instability and above all, change. Sadly, you have no other choice but to stuff your idea back in the box. 

Planning to discuss your dream with the significant other? my advice is that you go in all prepared. Prepare yourself mentally because she is going to ask a lot of questions and you will have to answer them. You can start with shedding light on the advantages and profitability your dream has to offer. And to make it work, create a concrete plan in your mind before you pitch the whole thing to your girl. 

A good relationship will allow room to partners so they can exponentially grow. 

Obstacle # 3: Afraid of Change

To achieve dreams, you must undergo some big changes in life. 

We all have to face the fear of failure once in a while. What sets us apart from one another is how we choose to face our fears and what do we actually do about them. Sometimes, you feel the best choice is to stick with whatever you’ve got in your pockets. Even though there a whole treasure trove just waiting for you to be scooped at a nearby island. It happens because you can’t muster up the courage. 

It’s okay, change can overwhelm any of us. It can often cloud our judgment and stop us from taking bold steps in life. If at some point in life such a thing happens with you, then take a few steps back and ponder. If you can’t accept the full change, try to start changing step by step. Prepare yourself for the change and be ready so failure just becomes a remote possibility. If you fail, then do keep going. 

Don’t stop! Just work hard until you finally hit that sweet spot of achievement behind the change. 

Obstacle # 4: Feeble believes in Passion

Many of us feel troubled in life. We do want to believe in ourselves but we just can’t. Several incidents in our life can be the cause or reason. It can be our past failures or times when we felt that we were put down; times when nobody actually took us seriously or times when we wanted to do something for real, nobody cared; times when others only told us how silly our ideas were and made us believe it.

Whether you are dreaming to start a business or travel around the city or just make some investments, make it happen. It might sound like a foolish idea but take a look at the bright side, what if it becomes possible right! You will be achieving your passion, you will be pursuing your silly dream. It is one investment that you won’t ever regret! Because in the end, you will know that at least you tried. 

Do that! Take care of yourself and your dreams. Take them seriously. 

Obstacle # 5: Feeling Clueless Where You Stand

We all often feel clueless in life. We find ourselves chasing all the wrong dreams. We don’t really know what we love, but we’re dying to achieve those goals. It happens when you don’t have enough clarity. 

Without clarity, you will often find yourself stuck in things that you really don’t want to do. It’s like aiming in the dark and shooting an arrow not knowing whether it will hit the spot or not. 

Do you feel clueless or you feel like you haven’t figured out your dream yet? 

Then it’s time to explore yourself, find reasons to take a break and explore who you are. If you have no idea in which directions that you’re going in, ask a mentor or a coach to help you find a way through. 

If you can find something that you really love to do, then you can find a reason to stay committed. 

Concluding Thoughts

Chasing your dreams isn’t a bad option. Actually, it is important to keep your mind sane. Many of us, follow the wrong paths and then feel disappointed when we look back through the years. We wonder what have we done and how far have we come along and what have we achieved in time. 

And when there isn’t much that we have achieved in life, it makes us wonder why we aren’t able to do. 

Give yourself a chance, let your dreams fly! Do work hard and achieve them before they get dry. 

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