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Having a Rough Day? Here are 6 Ways to Keep Your Mind Sane

When it is a good day, everything feels fine. The sun shines brightly and the birds are singing around us. The trees look greener than they usually are and even the next-door neighbor cat wouldn’t mind hopping into your lap and purr strongly. Good days are mostly around the corner if you’ve planned out a good life. But, truth be told, no matter how hard you try, some days just aren’t actually good enough. 

In fact, if you aren’t much of a planner, many of your days aren’t going to be good. 

So how should one avoid themselves getting stuck in a bad day? And if by chance they ever do get stuck, what do you believe is the best way to find themselves out of such a situation? 

Today I am going to discuss a few tips and habits one can adopt to turn a bad day into a good one. 

Take a Few Breathers and Relax Your Mind

Are you having a tough time with your boss or is your wife/husband being too depressive for you to hande? Take some time off from them. Get yourself out of the situation and take a walk in the park. 

Green trees all around is a great way to liven up your mood. Walk around the parks and take long breathes. The early you start the fresher it gets. Because plants produce oxygen in the early morning. 

If you think you can do a little jog around the tracks, then why the hell not. Run, unwind and destress! 

Just focus on the air going in through your nostrils and coming out. It will calm your body and mind. 

Do a Workout Session Regularly

Are you stressing out because of work? Well, start out with performing daily workout sessions. Keep a few weights in your room, a cycling machine and maybe a punching bag so you can release energy. 

Release your tension by lifting some weight or cycling for 15 minutes. Carry out a workout session for at least 30-40 minutes so you start releasing some tensions off the back. When you’re done, you will feel powerful and more in control. You will see that your focus has intensified and will get energetic. 

By holding workout sessions on a constant basis, you can stay regularly fit and do more effectively.

Keep a Pet Nearby and Get Close with the Animal

Dogs and cats are loveable. They are the perfect companion who can loosen your tense muscles and cheer you up with their cute tricks. Having a bad day? Avoid things that are causing distress. 

Instead, spend time with your cat, dog, turtle, snake, hamster or whatever you own as a pet. Play around with it and let them cheer you up with their mischiefs. Pets can be the perfect mind relievers. 

The best thing about having a pet is that you will never have to spend a day sad ever again. 

Observe the Solution from a Different Viewpoint 

Some tasks can really get into the feels of the person. You never know what might agitate you and you’re too occupied in trying to fix things. Although you may turn out successful in finding the solution, the whole finding process may have drained your intelligence and energy completely. 

And when things aren’t working out your way, you try to escape the situation instead of facing it. 

When that happens, try to find a new viewpoint. Take a step back from the situation you’re currently in and give your mind a little rattle. Think over the problem with a different perspective. What if you have been trying to solve the problem and yet you are unable to resolve it just because you are not looking in the right place for the solution?  

You Can Do a Power Pose If You Like, Nobody Will Judge You

Not feeling too confident in yourself, why not acquire pose and give yourself a positive boost for the day? Just take out two minutes from your nerve-racking routine and stand tall in a powerful pose.

Think of yourself as you are your own superhero. Maybe you like Spiderman or maybe you prefer Batman or Superman or Thor or Captain America or Iron Man! It doesn’t really matter as long as you can find yourself in the right shoes to kick back your motivation up. Do it! Nobody will judge you. 

Just put your hands on your hip, spread legs, raise chin, get your head up and look at the sky. 

Sometimes, Brace Yourself for the Worst

There are just some days that no matter how hard you try, will remain sulky and sad. It’s because nature has already decided to give you a hard time. You just won’t be able to turn things around. 

Such are the bad days when you just have to get along with everything and pass. 

You have to stay mentally sane so try keeping yourself smooth and relaxed. If it’s happening with you, doesn’t mean that you are destined to be in that state forever. You should understand that the tides of time will eventually change and the sun will shine bright in your face the very next day! 

Therefore, like bad anxiety becoming an itch in the brain, let the day pass and simply sleep it off. 

There you go, 6 ways how you can accept what’s happening wrong and how to get by! 

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