5 Ways to Spot Leadership Acumen in your Child

Do you wish to raise strong, independent, and confident children, who will be the leaders of tomorrow? While your child will inevitably learn skills all through their lives which will prepare them for a leadership role, some children actually exhibit innate leadership qualities from a very young age. Here’s how you can spot a future leader.

They Are Self-sufficient

Children with leadership potential tend to assume responsibility at a very tender age. If your child is able to see long-term homework assignments through without anyone breathing down their neck or they start and finish daily tasks without being bothered, they should have no problem setting and reaching goals later in life. When it comes to intention setting, Independence is a major player in leadership, and your child shows a proclivity for it. 

They like to dabble

Is your young one quite a handful, always wanting to hop from one activity to the next? Though it may be frustrating when your little one keeps wanting to engage in new activities all the time, it is usually the earliest sign of leadership potential. If you are worried that your little one’s schedule looks like a hodgepodge mess with no real routine, it is not exactly a bad thing. This sporadic style means that your child is keen to learn about diverse things, explore the limits of their potential, and not just simply rely on their existing strengths. Let your future leader dabble if that is what they wish for, well, as long as you don’t bite off as much as you can chew. 

They are team players

Mainstream media often portray leaders as being loud and brazen, frequently seen barking orders or taking over the conversation in any setting. However, children who exhibit leadership qualities are good listeners, and have the potential to inspire and empower others around them. They get along well with other kids, they know to include everyone in their activities, and they make sure that everybody feels comfortable. This may not align with your stereotypical image of brazen leaders, but even science has proven that the best leaders are those who can support and embolden others. If other kids automatically look up to your kid in moments of decision making, know that you are looking at a future leader. 

They Are Flexible

Leaders have an innate ability to adapt to different situations and environments and mold themselves according to the need of the moment. When a child can adapt their strengths to different groups and situations and stay cool even in the face of stressful situations, they show the flexibility of a good leader.

They are Empathetic

Some people automatically assume that sensitive, introverted, or shy children can never take up the role of a leader and are bound to sit back and blend in. On the contrary, being empathetic and having a deep comprehension of how to relate to others emotionally, is a telltale sign of leadership potential. According to parenting experts, a high emotional I.Q. spells leadership potential. Children are full of feelings, but not all kids can interpret them. If your child goes out of his way to understand those around him, you are looking at a future leader.

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