The Best Leaders Are Already Planning Past the Crisis, Are You?

The coronavirus crisis is growing at a rapid pace and just like every crisis it has a beginning, it has middle ground, and then it will surely come to an end. We all started with stability and predictability but in time we have come to accept that this is soon going to turn into chaos and disruption. 

While the major economies around the world are coming to an end, we are going to encounter a completely different state of the world in which survival of the fittest will become the new norm. As the future unfolds, it’s up to the leaders to ensure that the world doesn’t reach to an apocalyptic end. 

And that’s why many world leaders today are looking beyond just day to day survival activities. 

There’s no doubt that the future will be catastrophic just as it was during Spanish influenza or cholera outbreak, but the world did somehow pull itself out of the mess just because of leadership. 

Actions speak louder than words, and here are some of the actions that I believe leaders of today should adopt! It’s their actions that will decide our fate and determine what is the best resolve. 

It’s Time For You to Host a Brainstorming Session

As a leader, if you want to see results, you need thinkers who hold a deep insight. There are several that exist within your organization and you may have encountered them, but do you really know them? 

If you do then it’s best that you should call upon them and host a brainstorming session with them. 

Let’s hear them out what they have to add to this burdening crisis and how they think the best course of action will be to make the organization survive in the coming days. Discuss with them what steps one must take during the next months, the coming years & what their business strategy should be. 

By spending time together with these brilliant minds, you can create a range of scenarios and then work on them together to create new goals and objectives. It will keep you on track beyond the crisis. 

Identify Opportunities & Remove the Threats! 

Every organization has some opportunities and they also experience a fair share of threat. Any normal day, a business owner might overlook these threats and focus more on the best of opportunities. 

But as the pandemic conditions are worsening, the fear of businesses shutting down, and these threats become more prominent. What is the best course of action and what possible step leaders should take to safeguard the future of his/her organization? The answer is to eliminate threats. 

Whether they exist in the form of a person or they exist in the form of practice, eliminate it and focus on building up a crisis plan for your organization so it can survive thrivingly in the future coming days. 

Time to Adapt Things Boldly Amid the Choas

A good sign of a true leader is that they don’t rely on themselves completely. When it comes to crisis management, they bring in external minds to assist them to resolve all their problems and queries. 

They are bold enough to accept if they don’t know the solution to a problem, then they may seek it. 

As a leader, you’re tasked with the responsibility of deciding, 

What not to do during the stage of crisis and what course of actions you must take amid the chaos. Cut down large expenditures and freeze some money in your savings account if you’ve to as a backup. 

Old Playbooks are now dead. A new society, a new economy & a new way of living lives have changed the norms. It’s time to sit down and prepare a new Playbook to make sure the business survives.

Get an accurate and more current picture of the changing economy directly from the frontline. It’s best to avoid absorbing false information or incomplete information from several different online sources.

Set Your Priorities Straight Because You Want to Survive

At the hour of crisis, the number one rule for a reader to ensure the survivability of his organization is to take care of his/her team members who are working behind the scenes to keep the organization in working order. By listening to what are their circumstances and how they are trying to overcome distractions, leaders can clearly find new ways to engage them, motivate them & keep them on track. 

No doubt the COVID 19 has sparked a financial crisis situation around the world. 

And at times as such when finances are thinning and businesses are closing down around the world, leaders should focus on setting up their priorities and observing what is the best way to go forward. 

As a leader, you can take out a pen and paper as of now and list down your top 5 priorities. 

By doing so, you will now have a better idea of which area you should be paying more attention to. 

Then work your way through those layers to earn the best of success, the one that you deserve. 

Amplify Positive Messaging and Keep the Hope Alive

The pandemic has surely struck a chord of fear in the hearts of everyone. 

It has literally secluded many into a corner and they are now unable to get themselves rid of the anxiety that’s building up due to the lockdown. Many are having the immense gloom of doom. 

As a leader, it becomes your responsibility to identify what positive message is best to spread. If they are down, a few words of encouragement, a small pat on the back, a compliment that you’ve done a good job is maybe all that they need to get out of their anxiety zones and get back on the horse. 

You won’t realize how many you would find who is tied to a noble purpose, a cause to help others. 

No matter what the circumstances are, it’s best that you celebrate your daily heroes as they often go by unsung. And if you don’t appreciate their efforts, you will soon see the light motivation die in them. 

Right now, if there’s one thing that they need from you, it’s a positive response from your end. 

So there you go, here’s just about everything that I believe the best leaders should do to move ahead of the crisis stage. Are you someone battling on the same front, share your problems with us. 

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