The Shiny Object Syndrome & How to Overcome it as an Entrepreneur

Are you a parent? Or have you ever observed a child playing with a certain shiny object? What is the reaction of the child when he gets the shiny object? The child feels excited and overwhelmed with emotions. He or she may be very much delighted to get the shiny object but once he has it, and after a while of toiling around with the object, the child loses his or her interest in the object and drops it. 

Now, the child starts searching for a new and different object.

Such a syndrome is called the “Shiny Object Syndrome” and it isn’t present in just a child. Many entrepreneurs around the world are greatly suffering from this syndrome. They feel hyped about achieving something and when they do achieve it, they lose their interest and move to the next one. The tendency of someone to chase something new such as a tool, a goal or a business idea is what we term as “The Shiny Object Syndrome.” 

How Would You Know That You’re Suffering with this Syndrome? 

Check for the queue points, if you are suffering with any of the following, then it is pretty evident that you’re suffering with the shiny object syndrome. 

  • When you have compiled a list of business ideas but none of them are reaching the execution stage. 
  • You keep planning up new goals but when it comes to achieving them, you often fall short. 
  • You plan on learning a course but you easily jump from one course to another because of wild claims. 
  • You purchase new domains and launch new websites but don’t work on the existing ones for long.
  • Your browser is full of extensions or your site full of plugins but you barely use them.  

Do you have any of the following traits in your personality? Then you’re definitely suffering with this syndrome. 

What is the Issue with People Who Are Suffering with Shiny Object Syndrome?

People who more likely suffer with the shiny object syndrome are victims of distractions. They have a very bad habit of easily getting distracted and they are constantly drawn to new ideas. If somebody talks big about a certain thing among them or wildly praises a particular idea, they will easily shift to it without performing any background research. Such people take such measures because of impulsiveness.

There was a misconception that this syndrome usually takes place among entrepreneurs who have a bad habit of relying greatly on financial backings. But later on, researchers concluded that this syndrome is more of a trait of a person’s personality rather than his financial status. It is because of a personality disorder more commonly known as ADHD. 

ADHD or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity disorder is a chronic on-going condition where a person feels difficulty in sustaining attention. Due to their hyperactive nature and impulsive behavior, they often lose interest in tasks which they are doing and shift to another one real quick. 

How Can a Person Avoid the Shiny Object Syndrome? 

So how does a person focus when they are suffering with the shiny object syndrome? There are certain practices which I believe a person must adopt to give up the shiny object syndrome. 

New Isn’t Always the Better

We live in a day and age where staying in touch with everything new is important. If we want to be a success, we have to stay up to date with the developing trends. But certainly does not mean that we should adopt these new things, or utilize new tools and objects when we come across them. We must understand that coming across something new and adopting it is not always the best choice. Just because if there’s something new and trending, it isn’t always the better option. 

Don’t Become a Victim of Hype Culture

The online world is riddled with many shiny objects. You will come across many new startups which people are launching, starting innovatively new line of products or offering creative services. And with social media on the rise, we observe mob mentality where many people choose to adapt to something and you are left with no choice but to blindly follow them. Although, people may talk big about a certain product, tool or a brand, that certainly does not mean what worked for them, may work for you. Instead of choosing to jump into something, make sure that it fits your requirements. 

Assess the Potential of the Thing First

Before you take the decision of jumping into something headlong, make sure to assess the potential impact of this thing on you and your life. Drop the idea of following a certain thing just because it is a trending idea. If it’s not sustainable, what are you going to do once the fun ends? Ask yourself. 

  • Do I really need this in my life or is it just a temporary choice? 
  • By adding this thing to my life, will it increase my value or decrease it? 
  • What are the advantages & disadvantages of adopting this particular thing? 

It’s best to add something in your life, if it really does add value and help you progress in your objectives. If you’re adding it just because your next door neighbour Josh felt hyped about it, you’re committing error. 

Still Getting Urges? Use the “Wait & Observe” Approach

Not sure how to counteract the rising urges? It’s best that you use the “wait & observe” approach. We are living in a technologically advanced market where advancements are taking place very effectively.

Something which is trending right now can easily become obsolete in just a couple of years. 

For example, if you run a WordPress website, you will realize that many of the plugins which were once trendy have now become obsolete. Plus, when you follow the “wait & observe” principle, you stay safe because your mind goes from a 90/10 condition to a 50/50 condition just because it observes. 

So let that urge pass and see if your mind reaches a 70/30 condition and only then invest in. 

The Shiny Object Syndrome is a common problem which many of us have encountered or are still encountering. Are you also a victim of the same problem? Then how about you take some measures to overcome it. Above discussed are a few ways that will definitely help you out in your situation. 

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