15 Coolest Workplace Tools to Boost Productivity in 2020

You spend a whopping number of waking hours at work. In fact, 80% of your time is spent in front of your work desk! No one can expect you to be all up-and-running for all those hours. Your productivity is bound to dwindle at some point, and when it does, we are going to tell you 15 of the best workplace tools to boost productivity, which will improve your office workflow and get you back up on your toes in a jiffy. The good news is that Most of these top office gadgets can be introduced without breaking the bank.

Best Workplace Tools To Boost Productivity:

1.    Flippable Platform Electric Standing Desk

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All the people like me who hate sitting glued to their desks for 9 straight hours, would really see this workstation as a blessing. The flippable platform electric standing desk lets you switch between standing and working while you are at work. Sitting for such protracted positions for such long durtion can cause back problems that can be solved with intermittent standing. Not to mention, never get food coma again after you have broken your rules and devoured a large pizza at work. This is such an indispensable tool that lets you be more productive at work.

2.    LVL Hydration Monitor

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Healthy workers are happy and more productive workers. Dehydration can rain over your energy and cause you to slump in your chair. Offices these days are equipped with air conditioning and heating, which albeit contributing to the comfort of an employee can enhance dehydration, leading to diminished productivity and tiredness. The LVL Hydration Monitor works by tracking things like heartbeat and workout rates to tell if your hydration levels are getting low. It keeps reminding employees of when they should drink up more fluids and the productivity boost, they can expect once they do so. One way to stay positive at work.

3.    Skype

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Technology can help connect departments and employees across various geographical areas, which can save employees a lot of time, even if they have to traverse from only one building to the next to attend a meeting. The same time can be put to more useful work. Not to mention, skype gives a new face to productivity and decision making, and is relatively easy to set up. Using teleconferencing also helps in connecting with peers, saving travel time.

4.    Lumo Lift Posture Coach

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Is your mom always at your back, nagging you about your posture? Well, she is right in doing so. The Lumo Lift Posture Couch is a small device that informs you when you are slouching or vibrates to get you into action when it thinks you are being lethargic. Set a target posture, clip the device under your shirt with the help of a magnetic clasp, and get ready to be poked every time you try to be unproductive. When we talk about the best workplace tools to boost productivity, this one is a hidden gem.

5.    TimeFlip

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Do you ever feel like time flies by? Timeflip is an amazingly simple dice with 12 flat sides that helps employees boost productivity and take control of their time. Everytime you are working on a task, be it taking a break, reading an email, or working on a project, all you have to do is place the TimeFlip on your desk in a way that only that particular task faces up. Time tracking starts automatically for that task and the stats are stored in the cloud. Who has time for sheets! In addition, the device gives you a full graphical analysis of your time usage not only for that day, but also the week, month, or even the year; all via the web interface or the app.

6.    AppKettle

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Are you one of those people who can’t function until they have had their steaming cup of tea? Created with premium brushed stainless-steel finish, AppKettle is your answer to getting that perfect cup of tea, even when you are too busy to even scratch your nose. Equipped with manual controls on its base, AppKettle helps you concoct the most perfect brew in the midst of a bustling day. The AppKettle is nice, so it caters to both left-handed and right-handed employees with double-sided glass windows. The controls on the base can turn the kettle on/off, and feature temperature units and temperature selection.

7.    Twelve South StayGo USB-C Hub Organized Desktop Hub

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We have all heard of how a messy desk heralds a messy owner. Let’s not judge here, but let’s all agree on the fact that rifling through stacks of papers or untangling wires the whole day is surely going to eat away a major part of your day. The StayGo USB-C Hub from Twelve South helps you stay organized and keep your workstation clutter-free. It comes with an extra long cable as well, in case you want to stash the hub out of sight. The detachable cable work best for digital nomads, since they can shorten it as per their use. Here’s the best part; it’s loaded with the ports you could ever need, such as the Micro SD, SD, Ethernet, a 4K HDMI, and three USB.

8.    Sean Woolsey Efficiently Designed Smart Desk

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Imagine if there was a magic desk at your house that accommodated everything you could ever need and stashed it all away out of sight for until you do need something. And when you do need it, you always know where to find it. Such a blissful thought. No more endless rifling through drawers and cabinets, trying to find something. Well its not a fantasy anymore, for Sean Woolsey’s efficiently designed smart desk is the closest thing we have to a magic desk.  This modern desk is full of intuitive storage options, even in places you can’t imagine. The desk stores it all, be it your stationery, tablet, to the smallest bits and bobs. Not to mention, you can opt for a raised monitor, which will give you even more space. If you find that those tons of drawers are not enough, you can further add in the wooden storage modules, if you are one of those people who like to micromanage all their small items. Relieved of this task, you can concentrate on your work better.

9.    Thinking Nest Mindfulness Kit

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While we are talking about technology and tools that can help you be more productive, sometimes all it takes is a little time away from the screen to jumpstart your efficiency and start afresh. If you don’t get the time to head out for a jog or a stroll in the park, the Thinking Nest Kit offers you a healthy dose of mindfulness right where you work. The set comes with Thinking eggs that incorporate various organic compounds, including howlite stone, lava stone, brass metal, and pinewood. The ergonomic shape of each egg makes it a delight to hold. All the compounds work together in sync to impart its energy and improve your mood, so you can deliver at your best.

10.                       Adobe Creative Cloud Connected Paper Tablet

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Getting pen to paper is often a difficult feat for creatives. Not to mention, when you throw in the digital aspect of having to digitize all your creatives, it can be total chaos. Adobe’s Creative Cloud Connected Paper Tablet is here to render the entire creative process a breeze. Working with a Moleskine pen and Adobe Illustrator, you can draw analog-style as much as you want. Once you think you have the perfect rendering, simply press a button to breathe life into your creation on the screen. Even better, with Creative Cloud backup, never let good ideas slide by, whether you are in transit or on the beach.

11.                       DeskView Lightweight Standing Desk

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Does your office overlook the city square, the beach, or some other picturesque location? Don’t let it go to waste. The amazing design of this DeskView Lightweight Standing Desk lets you set up shop along your office window. We all get fed up of the boring office view with no reprieve, the endless hours sitting at the workstation. Wouldn’t you like to move your workstation anywhere you want? Simply take the standing desk to the window and attach it to the glass with suction cups. Its that easy. The lightweight surface of the desk makes it perfect for traveling as well. Its surface is big enough to accommodate a notepad, a few pens, and your laptop.

12.                       Gaza eyewear

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Most of us know the eye strain of spending a major part of our day in front of the screens. This is where Gaza computer glasses come into reduce the intensity of headaches, fatigue, and eyestrain, the result of continuous blue light exposure. The glasses filter the amount of blue light entering our eyes from the electronics we are exposed to. 

13.                       Catchbox

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This truly fascinating microphone is especially designed to make conferences, events, and meetings all the more fun and engaging and encourage participation. Customizable, lightweight, and portable, Catchbox offers three different variations of the product, based on the room size you are exposed to. Thoughtful design ensures the safety of the contraption and its catcher, while the built-in automute technology thwarts any unwanted noises.

14.                       Fidget Pen

Reach maximum workplace productivity with these office hacks

Do you feel nervous at work? If you often find yourself fidgeting, let the Fidget Pen help you unwind. The momentum of the spin lets you delve in an enjoyable sensory experience that aids in improving concentration. With a total of eight fidget points, your fingers will be pretty busy through long meetings, conferences, and presentations. Spin the top of the pen on any speed that helps you keep your nerves in check.  A replaceable universal ink cartridge makes sure it is always available for those fidget bouts.

15.                       Foobot Climate Controller

Studies are of the opinion that indoor pollution at work can lead to dizziness, fatigue, tiredness and a 10 percent reduction in productivity. This sleek monitor links to your smartphone and offers complete detailing of air-quality in real time

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