Are You Using These Phrases in Your Everyday Conversation to Become an Ethical Leader?

John is a great person. Not only is he professionally adept, but he is also a very strong-willed individual who has perfect managerial skills. What makes John stand a class apart is his ability to make critical decisions, and he makes them very confidently. It’s why John is accepted as a successful leader within his organization. His subordinates often wonder what makes John so charismatic, so intelligent, so keen, so ingenious, so wise…

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Employees who are working under John are undoubtedly unable to break the myth, but we know it better because, after all, we know John inside out like no other. John secretly wins every client over by using a mix of essential phrases. How does he do it? It’s because John has an improved vocabulary of phrases to get by every day.

Here’s the secret to John’s growing charisma. He doesn’t only use the latest management and leadership buzzwords within his conversations. Instead, he adds some powerful phrases which have a substantial impact on the mind of the person he chooses to conversate. 

Are you curious to learn what these powerful phrases are that make John a better leader? Let’s get down to discussing each of them in detail. 

1) Can I be Completely Transparent with You? 

Imagine you are huddled together brainstorming an idea in a conference room and suddenly an employee comes up with an inventive suggestion; however, it does not look too enticing when you look at it from the client’s perspective. Now you can’t directly turn employees down on coming up with an idea, but you want them to know that they can perform better by expending a bit more effort. 

What can you do in such a situation? Here’s when you can say, 

“Can I be completely transparent with you?” 

And when you are there, just make sure to drop all your pretense and opinionate it accordingly. 

2) I am so Proud of You

It isn’t something that you hear quite a lot now, do you? And It does sound parental in nature too, doesn’t it? It’s where it holds most of its power. Imagine yourself as little George or Jane playing in your backyard and you were able to build the castle of your dreams in the sandbox. Even though it is not the best looking castle but you run up to your mom and dad and asked them to take a look at it. 

What do your mom and dad say that upscales your inspiration to a whole new level? 

“I am so proud of you.”

A single statement when uttered with sincerity can have a powerful impact on the receiver. 

3) You Have my Full Support on This

Certain statements are confidence builders. Good sub-ordinates often hold back at making life-changing decisions for you and your firm because they are just holding back on a lot of things. If you become the leader who pats them on the back at the hour of need, you ultimately become the person who unlocks their potential. Maybe it was just the queue which they were seeking! 

So when they are seeking your guidance and come up with a great solution, say to them: 

“You have my full support on this”

May you remember them or not, but they will always remember you. 

4) How Can I Be of Assistance?

One of the strong traits of a great leader is that he or she is always willing to help their sub-ordinates to achieve various goals and objectives. It might sound like they are just using it to reinstate their authority as a helpful leader, but that’s not how the situation is with every leader. There are leaders like John who are actually serious about helping their subordinates in order to help them grow. 

Whenever you see an employee surrounded by problems, offer them your assistance by saying: 

“How can I be of assistance?”

You will simply be surprised when you will learn that they already have the answer to the problems. 

Some strong leaders leverage the power of debugging the rubber duck method to help employees. 

5) How Can You Get Efficient at What You Do? 

It is a question that most leaders can ask their sub-ordinates in order to find out what is it that they are truly good at? Most leaders such as John often ask a series of quality questions and encourage individuals to answer those questions by writing them down in a form or spreadsheet. In this way, they equip these employees with the ability to debug themselves and find out what they are missing. 

When sub-ordinates don’t know how they can achieve the speed and efficiency at work, you can be the leader to help them by asking: 

“How can you get efficient at what you do?”

6) Tell Me More

Often leaders are so preoccupied with a series of tasks that they forget about the problems their teammates are facing. When an employee who works on your team comes up to you seeking your guidance, sit them down and ask them to explain to you where they are actually facing difficulty. It shows that the leader is open-minded; it shows that he wants to take interest and demonstrate some par excellent listening skills. Altogether, all of these aspects add up to their persona as a good leader. 

Therefore, the next time a sub-ordinate comes up to you to share a problem with you, just state: 

“Tell Me More”

Great leaders create their own inventive ways to motivate and inspire others with their presence. They have the power to intimidate which they only use on others where it is necessary. But what makes them ethical is the way they communicate with their employees and other stakeholders. Above stated are a few statements, which in my opinion, great minds make in order to set the wheels in motion. 

Do you have what it takes to be an ethical leader creating the same inspiration in your conversations? 

Let us know by commenting below. 

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