Simplify Your Day to Create a Remarkable Impact on Your Lifestyle

Our society is trained to focus on productivity and optimize it to their best interest and it has become quite an obsession. Believe it or not, everyone wants to optimize their schedules so they can fit more into it. By doing that, they can easily create free hours on their clock to eventually do more than they were able to do before. 

To be honest, this ideology is quite flawed. Increasing your proficiency in achieving more will automatically diminish your ability to deliver quality. And risking on quality will automatically push you way down the progress line. Real productivity is to deliver qualitatively, so how should one shift his focus on optimizing hours? 

Here are some tips to help you simplify your day and create an engaging lifestyle. 

Start with Cherry-Picking the Most Meaningful Tasks

Start by taking a look at your day to day tasks. Check your emails and go through your to-do lists. There’s a strong chance that you are putting an important task behind and focusing on tasks that are not so important. Why not find the ones that really do matter and prioritize them first. In this way, if you ever want to go to your favorite distractions, you can easily perform your important tasks initially. 

Now, the remainder of your time can be spent on smaller tasks such as answering your messages. 

Spend Less of Your Time on Social Media and More on Important Ones

On average, a person spends a large chunk of his working day on social media. Swapping profiles and checking Live Feeds on different platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many others will only lead you to waste your entire day and achieve nothing at all. 

If you do find yourself wasting time on social media, it can have quite a negative impact on you. So why not shut down your social media accounts, and spend more time in making the best use of them. 

How about creating a time block you cannot access any of your social media accounts for starters? 

Create Less Clutter Around Yourself to Simplify Lifestyle

Here’s the thing, the bigger your home, the more likely it is that you have plentiful empty rooms. The more rooms you have, the more space you will encounter to put stuff in. Now, imagine if you were living your life in an RV? How much space you would’ve to fill, I am sure it will be quite less than a big empty house. Similarly, your life works on the same principle. If there are too many rooms that you want to unlock, your life becomes more cluttered and you are unable to focus on important tasks. 

Instead, simply focus on opening fewer rooms. Open the ones that are most important. 

Simply, by finding yourself in a less cluttered environment, you will have a highly focused mindset. 

Negativity Will Never Buy You Anything Positive, It Will Only Bring More Negative

If you spread positivity all around you, you will receive positivity in return. And it’s the same principle that follows for negativity. In fact, negativity is so bad for a business that it eats up all the positivity. 

Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not if you are an expert in handling it. 

Here’s the thing. You are wasting your time and cluttering your life with extra when you are being negative. Instead of letting your mind linger in the negative edge of the pond, try to swim yourself back to the positive side. It’s where all the big fish are and they are certainly not regretting it. 

The time you spend in being negative or spreading negativity, simply change that moment into something more productive; something that you can definitely use to do things that really do matter. 

It will simplify your cluttered life. 

Think Before You Buy in the Ticket to Multi-Task

Well, to be honest, there are all kinds of people out there. Some are really good at multitasking and can handle multiple tasks at the same time. And some are more individualistic in mind and can only focus on a single task at a time. It is rather difficult for them to refocus themselves on a new task. 

So, in case, if they start switching back and forth, they will have to spend some extra time to refocus. 

And that my friend, will only complicate things and eat up extra hours from their day. 

If you don’t have the knack to multitask, then it’s okay not to take up too many tasks which are irrelevant. Instead, focus on the tasks that are of priority and do complete them one after the other. 

Single-tasking can slow you down, but it will definitely produce some quality results. 

Plus, you will have a more simple day and by the end of the day, your mind will be clutter-free. 

Sit Down Peacefully & Reflect on What You’re Doing Every day

When was the last time you sat with yourself and had a discussion? Yes, you! 

Hey nobody is going to term you as schizophrenic so chill out. Self-exploration is necessary and you need to do it with yourself in order to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Only then will you truly be able to empower yourself with the right force and carve your path a way forward. 

Sitting in solitude will also help you reflect on various tasks of your life. What’s more? You will feel relaxed, less distressed and you can think ahead with more clarity in mind.  

So there you go, if you follow these tips carefully, you will successfully simplify your day. 

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