The Best Ways to Stay Calm at Work and Not Lose Your Nerves

There are several occasions when your stress levels rise and you feel supremely frustrated especially when you find yourself in a stuck moment at work. Times as such, you wish you can just quit your job & travel to someplace else, someplace better. However, if only you didn’t have responsibilities, you could’ve easily taken such a step. Do you not desire to keep a clear head and not overreact to all such situations? What if you end up saying the wrong thing in a moment and then only suffer for it later on? 

If you do find yourself in such a situation, then the best course of action is to develop a few strategies. These tactics can help you easily cope up with the situation and help you keep moving forward. 

Practice Breathing

The first & foremost thing you need to do is develop a habit of proper breathing. 

Take some time off from the situation which is stressing you over and sit down. Unwind a bit, take deep breaths and keep practicing it. Breathe for at least 1-2 minutes continuously and nothing else. 

Just focus on taking deep breaths in and letting deep breaths out. 

Keep repeating it until you get your focus back. 

Analyze the Consequences

When you find yourself in a challenging situation and you don’t know how to respond back, then avoid the situation. Think about the consequences! Analyze what negative effects you can experience. 

What will happen if you lashed out on your manager with harsh/negative words?

It could be worse, you can take out your anger or sadness on a client or some other stakeholder. Measure the consequences & before you respond back to an email or a phone call, try consider taking more time to cool down and unwind. Then get yourself in the correct headspace and respond to it. 

Understand that it’s not Always About You

When somebody responds back negatively or says things that are harsh, do understand that it’s not about you. You don’t know what the other person might be dealing with, maybe he or she has a sick child at home or they are dealing with financial problems, or there could be countless other reasons. 

Or maybe, it’s all just because they are unhappy with their job only… 

Don’t make a habit of responding back with a bad attitude. Instead choose to handle this problem more positively. Take some time off and take things from their perspective. 

What if you lashing out on them or responding harshly may escalate the situation & cause damage. 

Take One Single Step at a Time

Don’t become rash, start thinking. When you feel stressed or overwhelmed, you can often become clouded with a lot of negative emotions & feelings. The best thing you can do to resolve this situation is to take one step at a time. Don’t make the classic error of doing everything at once to solve situations. 

Initiate by taking steps one at a time. 

Your mind will automatically calm down when you have to focus on one single thing at a time. 

Be an Empath and Explore a Little

If you are unable to overcome the negative thought process or your overwhelming feelings, then become an empath and explore yourself a little. Question your perspective before you move ahead. 

  • What would you feel or how would you feel in case you find yourself in his or her shoes? 
  • Does the things he said will matter after a week or after a month or will the feeling subside? 
  • How would someone who is more emotionally strong will react to the situation? 
  • What is the best course of action which one can take to resolve the situation quickly? 

Put yourself in the shoes of others and explore more. See what you can do to make it all work for you. 

Do Not Overthink

Often then not, when we face certain situations, we develop a habit of overthinking. Our thoughts get muddled with negative feelings and our mind starts racing in a different direction. We start thinking a lot of stuff that can easily lead us to making unnecessary complaints. At the same time, if we want to stop overthinking, we are unable to do so because even when we want to fill our minds with positive thoughts, we can’t muster up the courage to do so. As a result, we end up thinking about things which aren’t all that complicated. Eventually, we see that all of it starts contributing to growing stress. 

Hence, it is best that when we feel overwhelmed, we need to put a lid on thoughts & think differently.

Perform a Laugh Therapy

There must be some people at your workplace with whom you can find your personal space. When you feel that you are not calm enough or you might end up losing a nerve, search up these people & sit with them. Talk about the things you love and perform a laugh therapy, see how you feel! Did you have a good time? Did it make you forget your problem? You’ve overcome your problem. 

Try finding ways to cheer you up, and when someone is out there to hurt you, only to find you cheerful. It just demotivates them and they understand that nothing affects you whatsoever. 

Take this odd but effective 5-15 minutes worth of break. 

It will not only change your mood but it will also make you happy and overcome your problem. 

Enjoy the Nature If You Get the Chance

Find a natural environment to fit yourself in. When you are angry or brimming up with unwanted feelings, nature can be of great help. It can assist you in ways that you can’t imagine. Enjoy the natural habitats, find the lush greenery and beautiful sceneries to unwind yourself. Nature can heal you in commendable ways. Feel the environment, absorb the beautiful sights and take in the beautiful smell. 

Let nature heal you in ways you can’t imagine. 

Take Care of Yourself Today

Having a bad day? It won’t be the same every day. I understand that it’s not easy to keep your nerves calm in difficult situations. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t overcome that nervousness. You can. 

You just need to find the courage to overcome it. Concentrate on pushing the negative feelings out. 

There’s always a tomorrow, when you can take care of these problems.

Your mental health and well being is for your own good. Be positive and stay ahead of the curve. 

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