Tips & Tricks to Start Away with Effective Time Management in 2019

We all come across different individuals each day and how many times do we hear them say,

Not now! We are too busy at the moment.


Today, I am going to be very busy so please not today.

Not long ago, I found myself trapped in the same situation giving away the same answers to others. I would wake up every morning with barely enough time to take a bath & get ready. Heck! I didn’t even have enough time to brush my teeth or grab a quick bite for breakfast. Getting to my work desk at the office and working on an article of 1000 words felt like revisiting back in time at the Battle of Somme.

But, those were the old days…

Now, not only am I writing blog posts of 2000 words every day, but I also get time to listen to my podcasts, hit the gym, play my PS4, brush my teeth and even have a proper breakfast every morning.

I am not actually bragging, there are people who are capable to do much more than that.

All thanks to effective time management.

Amazing Time Management Tips

Do you struggle to get by your daily routine? Do you wish that you had a few extra hours on your clock at the end of the day? Here some amazing time management tips and tricks just for you so you can manage your time.

It’s Time to Allow Your Deep Desires to Take Charge

Does it make you wonder how some body-builders go to the gym every single day? Sounds crazy right! That’s exactly how some entrepreneurs are able to sacrifice their weekends.

Time Management Tips # 1

People truly become successful when they are committed to a cause.

Christine Baker, co-founder, and director of Strategic Nudge says,

When you’re an entrepreneur, the hours you work are a meaningless measure. You work until you achieve what you need – whether that’s your first product launch, first customer sale, the first year of $100,000 turnover or whatever. If that takes 20 or 70 hours a week, so be it.

And alongside commitment, a person only becomes successful when they have a deep desire to take charge. To achieve big one must be focused and determined. One must cancel out the mental noise.

For example, Kobe Bryant would wake up hours before his practice sessions and then start training. Muhammad Ali was a dedicated runner in his training camp. He would wake up around 5.30 A.M. every morning and would easily cover six miles every day for six consecutive days of the week.

When you set meaningful goals in your life, you are able to push through during tough times.

Plan Your Days Ahead of Time to Stay on the Right Track

It is important that you plan your day ahead of time so you can stay on track every day.

Time Management Tips # 2

Don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself! What happens when your routine is disturbed or you don’t know what you should be doing next? You eventually fall behind in achieving goals for the day.

It’s basically not your fault. Research study indicates that an average individual can take up to an hour organizing his schedule every morning if he or she is not pre-prepared. For example, I am a writer and if I do not plan my day ahead in time, I will surely be unable to achieve the set tasks for the day.

As a writer, it is my responsibility to decide the topics for my articles for the whole week. It is my responsibility to assemble all relevant keywords required to rank my website. And it is also my duty to perform my research, find out the right graphics to be included in my article and then publish it.

If I am not going to plan and prepare all of these tasks beforehand, I won’t be able to organize time.

Master the Art of Adjustment for Unexpected Events

Planning your day ahead is just one thing, but planning for unexpected events is totally another.

Time Management Tips # 3

So, imagine you walk into the office all fueled up knowing what your daily tasks are and how you are going to achieve it! And just when you are about to turn the corner, your boss strolls out steaming up.

Winston! Will you mind taking a walk with me for a minute?

Now, you can’t say no to your own boss, now can you? He talks about how Zack is failing at getting things done for him. Eventually, if his team fails to perform his own neck is on the line and he wants me to train him. Now, here’s the thing, I didn’t plan how I will optimize my day ahead with the training.

But… I was precautious. I did organize my time for the day and had a few extra hours for fun.

I sacrificed my entertainment hours for the sake of training an individual like Zack who was struggling.

Prioritize Important Tasks in Your Schedule Accordingly

Just the other day, Ashley came to me all broken and exhausted.

I told her to sit down and take a breather. Upon inquiry, I learned that she has overworked herself. Apparently, even the boss wasn’t too excited to learn what she has achieved over time.

You can spend 7 hours a day trying to be productive every work day and you can still be wasting your time. Why does it happen? Because you are not exerting your energy in the right tasks.

Many employees greatly fail to impress their management because they fail to prioritize their tasks.

Time Management Tips # 4

In fact, they end up focusing more on the low priority tasks and focus less on the high priority ones. The case of Ashley was pretty relatable to me as I myself have struggled with it in the past.

Here’s what I recommended Ashley and it worked out quite well for her.

I told her to spend most of her time in planning how to reach her goals. If you want to build a successful business, you can start out by studying people who have already reached there. These can be industry leaders, social influencers, business entrepreneurs, smart think tanks, and great leaders.

When you identify your goals, make sure to create goals which are SMART.

SMART Goals are easily trackable & achievable. They also help you in identifying the potential gaps.

Only Complete the Tasks that are Highly Important First

Some people work fast; while, other people work slow. Not every mind is capable of performing at the same pace. However, forcing your mind to achieve tasks that you are unable to, will only send the quality of work at risk. And as an active employee working at a firm, that’s the last thing you should do.

Smart employees set-up their SMART goals and achieve great by following those goals adequately. They break down their day to day tasks into smaller chunks which are achievable. Then they spend only enough time that is required to complete those task and shift to the ones which are important.

Time Management Tips # 5

Some entrepreneurs such as Gary Vaynerchuk spend a great number of their daily hours in doing everything that they are good at. I tried being Gary by the way by adding 5 extra hours to my clock.

It didn’t go so well with my girlfriend, haha. If you have one, give time to your social life then 😛

Keep Your Mind Well Energized by Recharging it Daily

Even though your focus is set and your mind wants to keep the concentration game strong, you can’t do it unless your mind is not recharged. To re-energize your mind, you need to have some fun.

We have this really cool foosball table and table tennis set up at our office. Whenever we feel like our mental energy is draining out, we shut down our laptops and then head on out to have some fun.

We play for like half an hour and we are all good as new.

Here’s what I have learned from my life experience, being present-minded can greatly help you in delivering the best quality work. And good quality work can eventually improve the quality of life.

And the quality of life is what brings internal peace in yourself.

Time Management Tips # 6

Constantly Spend Your Time in Improving Yourself

Time management is nothing like any other skill that you have learned or developed over the years. It is a completely different skill set which requires consistent supervision each day, every day.

Good time management takes a considerate amount of patience and a dozen of other strategies.

I do not expect you to be a perfect time manager once you are done reading this article. However, I would very much like you to understand that time management only improves when you improve.

Time Management Tips # 7

It’s like creating a schedule, and the only way to achieve that schedule is to work on your other skills.

The more perfect you are in doing your other tasks, the easier it becomes to achieve your tasks daily.

In the End

I wasn’t the way as I am right now. I started off like just an average employee trying to reach the tops. I worked hard for it and there came a time when I got good at what I do. Yet, I was not impressed with my work by the end of the day. The rest of the time, I would go back home feeling mentally worn out.

But managing my time better has helped me evolve and take control of my days. It has provided me with strength and it has helped me improve the quality of my work. I am now capable to achieve more.

You too can achieve more if you focus correctly, Just think smartly, and you are already halfway there.

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