5 Mind Hacks to Bolster Your Motivation & Boost Your Productivity

Sitting at our home and watching the economic situation of the world crumble around us, we are all feeling very much worried about the future. It is sapping our motivation to do new things and the rise in death count is just making the matters worse for us. At times as such, what we need is something that can bolster our inner strength to look beyond the pandemic & save what we can while we can. 

As the positive number of cases increases around the world, an alarm bell of danger rings in our head.

And as a result, you find it difficult to focus on the task at hand & find the motivation to complete them. Are you also experiencing lethargy and deprivation of accomplishing your goals & objectives? 

Then you’re not the only one. Today, I am going to help you learn how you can overcome that demotivation and instead find a way to motivate yourself to keep going on forward. When the bell rang in my head, I also found myself in the same situation as you did, and guess what, I pulled myself out. 

So just follow these 5 mind hacks and before you know it, you will be on the right track to success. 

Mind Hack # 1: Choose the Best Spot in Your Day to Invest 80% Effort

Do you find yourself too lethargic during the morning and need a buzz of coffee to get that morning kick? It’s fine, we’ve all been there and what’s more interesting is that even though we have our good cup of coffee, we still find ourselves not able to give our maximum potential to the tasks at hand. 

Do you know that every day there’s a video when our mind and body are finely attuned with each other? It is one of those days which provides us maximum liberty to invest the most of who we are. As a writer for multiple blogs, I usually find my time during the evening where I sit back and brainstorm all my ideas. It’s where I invest 80% of my efforts to read and store enough information which I can use in my content pieces and ignite the flame in the hearts of many others. I believe it’s not a bad investment. Whether you’re a business person, or an executive working for an organization, find that time in your daily schedule so you can feel motivated. And when you have goals, it helps you move. 

Mind Hack # 2: Be Conscious of Your Intentions

Let’s face it, there are some things that we tell ourselves believing that we will fool ourselves to work. For example, when we are investing our hearts and mind in performing at our workplaces, it’s because we tell ourselves, we are doing it for the money. But that’s not going to take us anywhere positive. When the chips are down, we will be the first to retaliate! And that surely is not going to benefit who? US! It’s best that we become aware of our intentions & develop the ones that are going to be far more rewarding than just monetary benefits or fulfillment of basic desires. 

Find a much powerful intention to keep yourself motivated at the task you perform. Check what values is your business adding in the lives of others and based on the requirements, tune your consciousness to do better at what you do to give more of who you are to the people. In this way, you will nurture a better society, and at the same time keep yourself motivated to be more productive. 

Mind Hack # 3: Cut Down the Constant Distractions for Good

Checking social media profiles after every few minutes, going through your emails every half hour, constantly checking your smartphone, all of these are just distractions. According to a study performed at the University of California, office workers who easily get distracted for a minute or two take as long as up to 23 minutes to regain back their focus to perform the tasks they were supposed to. Sum it all up, and you will realize that in your 9-hour shift you only invested an hour properly. 

Cut down the distractions for good. Prioritize your tasks and give your best at work not because it will benefit your organization but because it will polish your skillset and help you do better in your life too. 

Shifting your focus to the tasks at hand, you will also avoid getting yourself stuck in dealing with problems. Guess what, your mind will be much free, relaxed, and in control of your situation. 

Ain’t that a good investment? 

Mind Hack # 4: Set At least 3 Goals to Achieve Every Day

Sounds too much? Well, that’s how you are going to stay motivated to be more productive and give your maximum potential at work. Align 3 goals on a regular basis and work hard to achieve them. 

It’s not that difficult once you set the pace and start achieving the tasks that you set out for yourself. 

Start with making goals that will focus on your self-development. It will not only make you punctual but will also enable you to work on your personality and make you altogether a better person. 

Mind Hack # 5: Focus on Achieving One Thing at a Time

Do you know why most business entrepreneurs fail in achieving their tasks? 

It’s because they have sub-divided attention. One of the common reasons why they fail is because their minds are evenly distributed among a number of tasks. As a result, even when they want to give their best, they fail to do so. As an entrepreneur or a business executive seeking to become a successful person, it is best that you should focus on one task at a time. Your absolute focus on that task will eventually determine your success and make you a much better working-class executive. 

So there you go, here are my five mind hacks that helped me cope up with motivation during this pandemic. It has helped me stay on track, enabled me to achieve big, and boosted my productivity. 

Are there any other mind hacks that you feel like sharing with us? Feel free to leave a comment. 

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