How to Become More Focused & Productive During the Time of Crisis

Staying on track during a time of crisis is one of the hardest parts of the job. 

You are anxious, you are uncertain, you don’t what’s going to happen in the future. You feel that whatever you’ve built or put your efforts in is eventually going to topple off leaving you nowhere. 

And the worst part of the whole drill is… it’s not only you but everyone who is working alongside. As a leader, it is your job to harness the situation and keep everyone focused so they can all be productive. 

In a time of peril, when uncertainty prevails, it’s best that you make sure you & your employees have a healthy mindset. You need to make sure that everyone is connected, focused and giving their best! 

In case, you are wondering what is the best way to stay healthy and focused, here are a few tips! 

Begin with Self-Analysis

As a leader, you will be best able to manage and support your subordinates in a more effectual manner if you can harness your own emotions and let not anxiety overrule your mental capacity. Analyze your capabilities and find out what emotions are hurting your self-efficacy. Now take your time and try hard to change those emotions; minimize the ones that are unsettling you as a whole! 

Ask away, what makes you a better leader? Identify your strong traits and then work upon them. 

Also, try to lead by example because action speaks louder than words.

Lay Down the Facts Honestly

Leaders who sugar coat reality with false beliefs are the ones who are only creating a false bubble. As a leader, you’re tasked with the responsibility of laying down hardline facts in front of your employees. Even if the facts are harsh, it is best that they are communicated with them so it keeps them all aware. 

Be honest, things are not getting better but there’s a chance they will get worse. 

Speak out to them, let them know that you’ll are in high waters & it’s best to be on your toes right now. 

Help them Manage the Stresses

When you lay down the honest facts in front of your employees, you eventually make them stressful. Don’t leave them in a state of stress, because some people just need a shoulder of support. If you can offer them that shoulder, you’re helping them be relieved and as a leader, you can do this the best way. 

Give them words encouragement, appreciate them for something they did in the past. 

Keep their hopes alive! They have been and still look up to you as their leader and you need to prove it. 

Let People Be Comfortable in Their Zones

At this hour of crisis, it’s best that you don’t overburden your employees with unnecessary tasks. Ease the burden off their shoulders by providing them with only the tasks that are important. Right now, the world is in a state of crisis, and if there’s some way you can also make the effort, then share the work. 

Talk to them, listen to them, understand what they think and feel. 

It’s the only way you can respond to their queries and let them vent so their mind becomes eased.

Foster an Essence of Control

One of the worst states in which people may often find themselves is the sense of knowing that things are going out of control. At times as such, it becomes relatively difficult for people to maintain focus on the tasks at hand, and often then not, things get seriously disturbed. Now, you as a leader in a time of crisis, certainly can’t afford that, can you? At times as such, it’s best that you harness the control! 

Start by organizing a work schedule for the employees.

Allow them to take control of their actions and take charge of their own tasks. By making them responsible for the tasks that they own, and giving them the liberty to work on them, you can progress. 

Remind them to Take Care In This Trying Times

Lastly, be the person who actually cares about your employees. 

Many leaders in the wake of pandemic situation often get under the impression that their teams are becoming lazy when they are at home. What they don’t realize is that there are psychological and health concerns which they might be facing at the hour of crisis. Not all individuals are of the same cut or have the same level of resilience as you as a leader do. Hence, it’s best that you understand the delicacy of this situation & take whatever possible measures you can to take care of your employees. 

Ask them if they are in need of medical attention or personal counselling. 

If you’re good at it, then go ahead and offer them this counselling so they can rest easy. 

So there you go here’s everything that I wanted to educate you as a leader about these trying times. Things are tough right now, especially because of the COVID 19 and it has brought the world to a complete halt. People are now in lockdown and businesses everywhere around the world have simply shut down. While some countries can still afford to operate manufacturing industries, others have simply shut down entire processes and went completely into a closure. The most affected are especially the developing states around the world which are still trying their best to survive.

As a leader, it’s best that you keep the ball rolling, not for yourself but everyone who is working. Times are tough right now, but they surely won’t be this way forever. It’s up to you how you are going to contribute as a leader and make changes that are necessary. Try new things, explore new horizons, carve new paths, but one way or the other, do what you do best! I hope this has been a fun read. 

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