6 Productivity Strategies Every Employee Should Adopt at Workplaces

If you work hard, you get better results. However, when it comes to working hard, it is not an easy task. People start off with a great will to perform and have the best intentions, but when it comes to work-sessions, they often feel high-jacked by a ton load of distractions. They don’t do it purposefully, but as time progresses so do the tasks, and you will observe every other individual juggling in between a number of things. And when the employees plan to take a break to vent, a simple 30-minute break will automatically turn into a disaster by becoming an hour-long break. Before you know it, you will observe that all your precious work hours are wasted and you are left with a heap of tasks that are incomplete. In short, your productivity strategy simply failed. 

Are you a workaholic and seeking ways to become a productivity specialist? 

Here are seven ways how you can become a productive personality. 

Learn the Art of Deep Working

Starting your tasks? While setting deadlines and completing work in a time-frame is one thing, but delivering quality service is another. No matter what you do, try to adopt the method of deep working to perform best at your job. As the name suggests, deep working is a concept where you put your ultimate focus and concentration at your task to achieve the best results on every task you complete.

According to Cal Newport, the author of Deep Work defines it as, 

“the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task.” 

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The idea of deep work is to commit yourself 100% to the tasks which you wish to perform. It is the process of eliminating every distraction completely and giving your ultimate best to achieve big. 

Be Aware of Your Biological Clock

Do you know the simplest way of knowing how to perform well at work is to know when your biological clock is set to be the most productive? Know when is the best time around the day to do best at your work. Make use of your time efficiently by understanding when you can put your beyond 100% efforts. The best way to perform at your task is when your body cortisol levels are functioning at best. A normal circadian cycle suggests that your body functions the best after 7 AM because that’s when your body’s cortisol level peaks. Your body also starts creating testosterone which enables you to perform more demanding tasks efficiently. 

If you want to do best at your work, understand how your biological clock functions and make the most of it. 

Setting the Deadlines Earlier

Another great way which employees can make commendable use of is what we term as the retreating deadline method. The idea was first introduced in Cal Newport’s book called Deep Focus. 

The idea merely focuses on overcoming the problem of procrastination.

We all have a very bad habit of developing a laid back attitude to complete our tasks. And in order to overcome that attitude, many of us try to rush things done during the last minute which often risks the quality of work. Here’s what Cal Newports suggest, the best way to overcome procrastination is by setting deadlines earlier from the date of task submission. As a result, users working with a number of tasks will eventually set the deadline before the date which will give them plenty of time to work up. 

Listen to Your Favorite Classical Tunes

Do you like to listen to music? How about you hear some classical tunes? 

Classical music has increasing benefits and can have some remarkable impact on your mind. Researchers indicate that listening to classical tunes can heightened up your emotions and enhance your thinking capacity. As a result, you become more receptive to absorbing and processing information. For instance, when I listen to Mozart, my brain waves feel so attuned that I can easily focus on multiple tasks without breaking a sweat. Good classical music also has some increasing benefits such as triggering your abstract thinking and your spatial temporal reasoning. 

So if you haven’t considered this way of increasing your productivity, then now might just be the time. 

Zen up Your Workplace to Upscale Your Productivity

Do you know that by adding even a plant or two at your workplace can upscale your productivity? If you want to improve your mental health, and keep yourself away from unnecessary stress, then zen up your workplace. Add things that can relieve you of your stress. For example, the guy who sits next to me at my workplace loves action figures. Therefore, to keep his stresses at bay, he always keeps a Hulk action figure on his table to vent off his stress. Sometimes, it is okay to create a mess because creating one can help you in ways you can’t imagine. Put your favorite plants, or anything else that you love at your working space. Make the best of what you have to do the best of what you could. 

Visualize That You’ve Achieved Your Objective Already

Have you ever visualized yourself that you’ve already achieved the goal for which you sought out for? Just take some time off from your busy schedule and imagine that you have achieved your task. 

How do you feel about it? Good right. The art of visualization can be a great asset. It can motivate you in ways that you can’t even imagine. The human brain is a powerful organ yet, it finds it difficult to separate reality from imaginations. If you imagine good things, you will experience the best. 

So why kill your positive vibes by letting negative thoughts stem in. 

Release your positive neuro-chemicals and let your brain work up on the imaginations. 

So there you go, here are some productivity strategies that I believe every employee should adopt. 

Do you agree with me? Let me know by posting your comments. 

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