Develop These 7 Habits to Permanently Combat Stress Every Day

Albert Einstein once said,

Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Whether we are studying at school or working in a professional environment, sooner or later we all feel stressed out and all worked up. We feel like every ounce of energy has been sapped out of our body. Nothing feels good, nothing feels exciting, and nothing feels like whole anymore. Sounds tragic right?

Well, not anymore.

The days of being sulky and brain drained are about to go away from your lives.

Are you seeking to work in a lighter more simpler way which helps you get through the day?

Do you want to do things keeping your mind stress-free in a considerably less amount of time?

Here are 7 habits to develop if you want to combat stress permanently once and for all.

Pre-plan Your Day Ahead of Schedule

Do you have an important meeting the next day? What are you going to have for lunch at the office? What are you going to wear to the office? What are the tasks that you need to perform tomorrow?

Plan everything you need to do within your schedule at least a day before to avoid wasting your time.

When you plan your days ahead, it becomes easier for you to achieve your set milestones. Each day, you are able to achieve more than what you sought out to do because you have a few extra hours left.

Pre-planning your days beforehand will help you cope with stressful mornings.

Attend Your Appointments 5-10 Minutes Early

How does it make you feel when you request a meeting and the attendees show up 5-10 minutes late? I am sure it is not the best feeling at heart. To me, it simply sends me into waves of anxiety and anger.

I, for one, don’t want anyone else to be in that state of mind. Hence, I always manage to reach my meetings at least 5-10 minutes earlier. I may be the first guy in the room attending the meeting, but I always walk out with a bright smile.

It’s a common human trait that people like other people who are punctual.

It will save you the stress of the boss telling you how you are the kind of employee he never wanted.

Keep a Healthy Diet; What You Eat is What You Feel

Do you know that the food you eat plays a significant role in deciding what will be your mood for the rest of the day? Healthy food can keep your day healthy whereas, food rich in fats and cholesterol, not.

Try to cut down on eating junk food items during your lunch hours. Instead, go for a lighter diet; choose food supplements that are more organic. Fruits, vegetables and boiled chicken is a great start.

I usually prefer to have a good breakfast before leaving home. And during my lunch hour, I don’t go for a complete all-out lunch with my colleagues. Instead, I just chew on some nuts and chocolates.

Having a light diet help me keep my focus set and my motivation game strong. Above all, I do not feel drowsy or unproductive and hence, it helps me steer clear from the stress of falling short on my goals.

Exercise on a Daily Basis to Keep the Blood Flowing

If you want to keep your mind & body healthy, try to exercise on a daily basis and keep the blood flow running. When your body is active and energetic, your mind stays clear of all the unnecessary worries.

The best time to exercise is early morning. Choose a nearby park filled with trees and plants, wear your track shoes, put on your headphones and take a run around the track, let your heart pump blood.

Our focus game isn’t usually strong because our minds aren’t fresh. It mostly happens because our minds aren’t oxygenated. Providing the mind with a fresh supply of oxygen gives really great ideas.

Are you interested in a few crazy exercises to help you with your morning freshness? Click Here.

Stay Away from Intoxications Like Alcohol & Drugs

Having a night out with work colleagues is not a bad choice, but going to a pub and getting drunk with them is. If you want to get intoxicated or wasted, get drunk during the weekends instead of workdays.

Why? Because you never know what’s going to happen at the office the very next day. What if your boss has planned on taking you to an official meeting with the board members? What if he wants to discuss about an important client and take your insights on how to help the client stay with them?

The worst part about having a hangover is that you are unable to think straight! It results in flawed judgment and that can either send your boss into confusion or make him feel really irritated of you.

As a result, things can get really stressful for you; managing hangover itself is already stressing itself.

Make Time for Hobbies and Interests so You can Relax Out

People who don’t take out time to relax often find themselves under unnecessary fatigue in work. They get a cloudy mind and they fail to focus on the tasks at hand. As a result, their productivity falls down.

It is essential that you, as an employee, should focus on developing certain hobbies and things of interest in the workplace. It can be as simple as watching a video or playing a few games with friends.

One way or the other, find a thing to do that keeps your interest game strong at work.

For example, I like to read books and I have maintained an online library in my smartphone. So, whenever I get the chance, I simply take out my phone and start reading my favorite novels to vent.

Keep Your Attitude More Assertive Rather Than Aggressive

We are all dealing stresses in life, one way or the other. Some more, some less, but we have all been there where we want to express our feelings. Do you want to let it all out? Then, choose an assertive manner of letting it all out. Make sure that your feelings don’t invade someone else’s peace of mind.

The biggest fault that we make as employees is that we lose our cool or have a nervous breakdown. It often turns out in anger, being defensive or really passive with the people that we are working with.

You may not notice it, but when you are dealing with stresses positively, people try to help you too. Let them take the charge when you are feeling down, let them help you navigate through problems better.

Concluding Thoughts

Stresses can come in many forms and can seriously devastate your personal well being. If you are unable to tackle stresses in the right manner and at the right time, it can create some major setbacks.

We have discussed a few ways to help you combat stresses in your daily lives. Stay tuned for more.

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