8 Unconventional Ways to Combat Productivity Blues and Get Rid of Them Permanently

John was an active employee at his workplace and it happens to be that he was one such employee who was actually giving his best at work. But with the passage of time, his motivation level took quite a fall and it relatively went down the drain. He started feeling bored and drowsy at work which sort of impact on other employees at the workplace. It made him worried including his direct managers. 

Despite all the productivity hacks that he learned from the Internet, his motivational gurus, and his colleagues, John still couldn’t find a way around his motivation problem. No matter how hard he tried, he still felt that impending feeling of sulk and boredom sandwiched around him. At the time, John didn’t quite realize that motivation wasn’t the problem, it was his approach to counteract motivation. 

We live in a day and age, where leaders create environments that encourage individuals to be who they are. They do not take the high-road of becoming an autocratic leader and shoot down orders. Instead, their approach is more subtle. They allow employees to overcome obstacles by themselves. 

Are you interested to learn some of the most unconventional ways to overcome productivity blues? 

Read on. 

1) Play Some Computer Games to Change the Mood

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While many organizations will condemn employees from playing video games at the workplace, I would beg to differ because I have seen employees feeling more fresh and motivated when they play at least 20 minutes every day. Modern-day games not only boost their morale but science approves that playing video games can send away work related stresses and help them develop better bonds. 

Playing video games isn’t a bad thing, but it’s important that you only do so during break hours. 

2) Develop a Sense of Workplace Humor and Add to It

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The environment has a direct impact on the personal well-being of a person. If you are growing up in a toxic environment, there is a high chance that you turn out to be a toxic person. Therefore, it is important that you grow yourself in a work environment which is less toxic and more enjoyable. To do so, become a key player in the environment by adding a little humor to your working-class persona. 

Humor reduces stress, encourages innovation, increases productivity and boost employee morale.

3) Take Power Naps to Recharge Your Brain Effectively

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Some employees have a tendency to fall asleep at work. Maybe it’s their age factor or maybe a sleeping disorder such as insomnia. You have no idea how much proper sleep plays a role in keeping you motivated and positive at the workplace. Less sleep can have quite a detrimental effect on health. Therefore, you should build nap pods for naps or allow them to take power naps at their workstations.

Power naps should only be encouraged among employees during recess hours and for a short time. 

4) Promote a Shared Desk Culture and Create a Nice Environment

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Research indicates that businesses which promote open desk culture are more likely to thrive than those who depend on sedentary lifestyles. I believe it will be worthwhile to mention that people like Ernest Hemingway, Agatha Christie, and Thomas Wolfe never relied on conventional desks. They turned out to be the best writers. If you want to promote creativity, promote a shared desk culture. 

A shared desk is great; it helps in creating an amazing culture at the workplace and promote business.

5) Good Aroma can Also Help You Focus on Important Tasks

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Do you know that smell is the strongest sense which influences brain activity? According to Lisa Evans, “Aromatherapy probably isn’t the first tool you think of to help boost your productivity and grow your business,” but “smell is the strongest of the sense and is best able to influence brain activity.” There is certainly no harm in filling your workplace with scents like lemon, lavender, rosemary, etc. 

Not only do they calm people down, but it also equally increases their energy and concentration. 

6) Let Your Team Know That it’s Fine to Procrastinate at Times

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In organizations, procrastination is a concept that is not quite favored. But in certain working-class environments, leaders actually promote procrastination as an interesting tool of trade. Every employee has two types of tasks; primary and secondary. Those who are more focused at achieving their primary tasks, can add their secondary tasks to their procrastination list and only do it when required. 

It is important that employees should remind themselves that they should complete their tasks. 

7) Bring a Pet to Your Workstation and Spend Some Time with Them

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Many commendable studies and researches have indicated that being pet-friendly at the office not only improves your ability to perform better, but it also assists in promoting teamwork. Having a pet around your workstation, encourage other employees to come around your station and have discussions with you. A pet is positive motivation and is quite an overall boost to your morale. 

According to research, pets at work can increase attention to detailing and overall performance

8) Turn on a Light Music in the Background to Keep Everyone Mellow

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Now, this strategy can effectively work if you’re working in a design agency. It is proven that music can create a positive impact on the mood and equally helps in igniting the creativity factor among people. Good music is a strong motivator, so in agreement with all the employees, you can play light music in the background and allow others to enjoy the serene environment. It will definitely keep things mellow. 

However, make sure that your employees don’t get too accustomed to the music that they aren’t able to work without it. 

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