6 Powerful Leadership Lessons from the Movie Big Hero 6

Sitting in the alcove, and from Marvel’s secret treasure trove, Big Hero 6 is a superhero comic that seldom emerged at the front-line of Marvel’s amazing superhero characters.

However, just as much as other Marvel comics are important, Big Hero 6 has also earned its place as a comic book on which a movie could’ve easily been based. Back in 2014, Big Hero 6 got its major breakthrough and reached the Hollywood box office. 

It is a story of a boy named Hiro and his brother’s robot named Baymax. Hiro’s big brother was obsessed with creating robots and he builds this amazing friendly super-hero robot which he kept a secret. But then one day, both the brothers went to prom and a fire erupted where Hiro’s brother died. 

Sad and broken, Hiro went to his brother’s old room and discovers an inflatable robot named Baymax. And that’s where Hiro’s own story begins!

Along with Fred, Go Go, Wasabi and Honey Lemon, Hiro & Baymax forms a supreme superhero alliance. An alliance to survive all perils of evil under the leadership of one, Hiro.

But, what made Hiro stand a class apart from others? What made him a super-hero star, an emblem that shined bright among his fellow teammates?

Here are 6 powerful leadership lessons that you can learn from Hiro of the Big Hero 6.

Don’t Fall for Looks Since they Can Be Deceiving

When was the last time you watched Big Hero 6? Has it been a while? If so, then do you remember the time, Hiro visits a robot fighting den and challenges the champion of the den to have a fight with his robot. Apparently, his robot fails and gets thrashed by the top dog. But Hiro doesn’t give up, instead, he asks for a rematch. 

But right away, when both the robots get into conflict, it was seen that Hiro’s robot had more than what meets the eye. He single-handedly takes down the top robot in the fighting den and wins the match.  

Here are two lessons that leaders can learn from the Big Hero 6 movie. The first one is that if you’re confident in your business, you shouldn’t ever give up on it and keep on going until you earn success. Secondly, don’t just settle for the aesthetics and pragmatism, there is more than what meets the eye. Maybe, a suited & booted individual is unable to bring success the way a casual looking person would.

Don’t let looks be a reason to hold someone back. A good leader will see people for who they really are.

Look at Things with a Different Perspective or Angle

Do you remember when Tadashi helped Hiro to enter the Callahan’s advanced college? But, Hiro was too stuck in resolving a problem which he was unable to solve. What did Tadashi do to help Hiro? He advised him to look at the problem with a different angle. By changing Hiro’s perspective, Tadashi helped Hiro to find a creative way to solve his problem and get inside Callahan’s Institute. 

Leaders promote the ideology of looking at things from a different perspective. They dictate the same principle to their respective subordinates allowing them to see a more creative solution to problems. 

Leaders who encourage teammates to take a creative approach are the ones truly successful. 

Great Leaders Can Adjust with Any Team Member

Even though the friendship between Baymax and Hiro is an unlikely one, yet they are quite inseparable. But Baymax isn’t the only one who’s different, there are other crazy characters including Honey Lemon, Go Go Tamago, Wasabi, and Fred. Yet, Hiro befriends them all and forms his own science buddy group. And whenever he needs them to help him out, they are always there to assist him in any way. 

Now, that’s a powerful trait which many great leaders possess. When teams work together they can achieve so much more compared to those teams who believe in working solo. Every player on a team is different and a good leader has the ability to understand how they are different from each other. 

I am truly grateful to lead a team which has different team players. We have teammates who have varying taste in music and I believe I am the only one who likes to attend rock concerts. But, all in all, my team members really do enjoy every time we hang out someplace or visit to a concert. It’s a major perk for my leadership as I see a good increase in productivity and how they cherish my leadership. 

Allow Love to Seek Its Way into Your Heart

Ever felt hurt or pain? If you had, then you know how difficult it is to allow someone in. As a matter of fact, we have all been there. Remember the time when Hiro faces a tragedy which made him a recluse. 

Hiro doesn’t realize the graveness of his situation and at times when you’re hurt, it is quite difficult to find a good support system… especially when you need one the most. At times as such, the best thing to do is let somebody in. It’s quite entertaining to watch Hiro foster relationship with other characters. 

Good leaders are pretty much the same. When they feel down or broken, they don’t shy themselves into a corner because they are ashamed, it’s because they want their employees not to feel bad about the situation they are in. They don’t like to represent themselves as weak stature because they are the leaders. However, even the best of us may sometime require someone who can hear our grievances. 

Let love nurture up in your heart so that when you find yourself in a tight spot, your team can help. It’s okay to reach out on your team to someone you trust and likewise open your heart so they can help. 

Leaders Can Look Beyond Their Problems

In the movie, when the odds aren’t in their favor, the Big Hero 6 team was encouraged by Hiro to look deeper into the problem. For he believed that every problem has a solution and it lies within the problem. Apparently, if you have watched the movie, then I am sure you know how they resolve it. 

Nevertheless, I am not here to encourage you to watch the movie but here’s the thing about great leaders…

There are so many occasions when we find ourselves stuck and we can’t find a probable solution to our problems; at occasions as such, a good leader can take a step back and look at the problem from a larger perspective. A good leader should have the ability to look beyond the problem. He should have the ability to see the big picture. He should know where the solution lies and how exactly can he get it.

A leader never gives up! Instead, he goes around the problem and seeks methods to make the problem go away permanently.

Leaders Should Be Prepared to Face Failures

In the movie, Tadashi the elder brother of Hiro faced failures many times when he was creating Baymax. However, Tadashi never gave up on his invention but kept trying to create the perfect Baymax over and over again. Tadashi knew that if he was able to create Baymax, the robot will help others. Because Tadashi was fueled to help others, he never gave up and the cause kept him moving forward. 

Plus, he has always wanted to help people. His perspective was to change the world and that’s what kept him battling failure continuously. 

Leaders who want to progress and see their businesses outshine the rest of the competition should have a similar urge. They should work hard towards achieving thier goals and objectives. In fact, they should keep on trying different ways to make things work for them in a creative and positive manner. 

Are you facing failures? Well, if that’s the case then you don’t need to give up. 

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  • July 23, 2019 at 7:59 am

    Simply amazing. Intro was quite engaging. I felt like being in an Avengers tower. Big Hero 6 is the most underrated super hero but as you’ve mentioned we can always learn something from everyone. Keep writing, keep inspiring!


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