10 Businesses you Can Start in Less than $1000, Right from Your Home!

Do you often think about quitting your 9-5 job and be the master of your own fate? Do you wish you have more flexibility and time to maintain a better work-life balance? Do you have a side hustle that you would kill to turn into a full-fledge venture? STOP Thinking! There has never been a better time to become an entrepreneur and carve a niche for yourself. Even if you only have $1000 in your bank, we can confide in you 10 amazing business ideas you can start in $1000 and less, right from your home!

1. Resume Services

Not everyone has the knack for perfectly portraying how their interests, skills, experiences and profile make them an ideal candidate for a job. This is why, despite having a laptop equipped with word processing program at home, people continue to rely on professional resume services. If you are a wordsmith, compounded with an administration, management, or human resources background, your idea will see the day of light faster than you can blink. Add Cover letters and thank you notes into the mix, and help people prepare for interviews, and you can stand a head and shoulder above competitors. Advertise locally, through career expos and online, and try to garner good customer testimonials to get the word of mouth advertising going for your company.

2. Dog Walker

Do you often wish you get to spend more time with pets, or complain about how you can’t work in an exercise regime in your hectic schedule? Then Dog walking business is made for you. As for how much you will need to start a Dog walking business, pet business insurance will make up the majority of your expenses, somewhere between $200 to 400 a month. But fret not. Expect to make somewhere between $8 to $20 an hour.

3. Home-based Alteration Services

Do you often get a pat on the back on your sewing skills? Can you work magic with a sewing machine, it’s high time you start capitalizing on your ideas and talents by offering alteration services right from the convenience of a home workspace. Don’t we all hate it when we are stuck somewhere between two sizes and wish for an in-between size? Trust me, people will flock to you. Promise quality workmanship, great service, fast turnaround times, and free pick-up and delivery, all at a fair price. You are going to need reliable transportation and tools of the sewing trade to turn this idea into a lucrative venture.

4. Translator

Calling out to all multilingual entrepreneurs, there are tons of opportunities to build your own translation business. Whether you wish to approach start-ups or companies that do a lot of international business or take up projects people post online, make a median income of $20 per hour right from the comforts of your home.

5. IT consultancy

Not everyone can work their way around technology, which makes technical support companies quite handy for them. This may entail you to step out the door from time to time, showing up at homes or businesses to help troubleshoot issues. Not to mention, you will need to stay on-call round the clock, since an IT emergency can rear up at 2 in the morning for a client, or in the middle of a movie you are enjoying.

6. Editorial Services

Do typos in emails get on your nerves? Are you somewhat of a grammar Nazi who find misspellings in a newsletter highly unprofessional? If you love to read and write and are well-versed in grammar, online editorial services might be just your cup of tea. As your business expands, you can employ several techniques; for instance, you can edit the content yourself or have a team member do it or create software that auto edits content. In addition, you can act as a go-between for freelance editors and those looking for editing tasks.

7. Kid Event Organizer

A great business idea is to launch a children’s party service, that is if you love party planning and kids! This is a hot business idea to hit these days since parents are spending more and more on their kids’ parties. The average revenue for hosting a kid’s birthday comes around to be $370, according to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. You will be in charge of planning the party, taking care of decorations, providing beverages, food, entertainment, contests, games, and making the party one heck of a lot of fun for kids. Your rates will vary depending on the frills, games, entertainment, and food, but should start at about $20 per guest and can soar as high as $100 or more per guest for more complex themes.

8. Home-Based Caterer

Clank your pots and pans, tie on your apron, rev up your love of food, hone your cooking skills, and hit the market as a personal chef for hire. This is where you get to prepare scrumptious gourmet meals for house parties, corporate luncheons, or on special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. Relatively low initial investment and overheads, full-time or part-time operating hours and easy management from home, makes this business really lucrative and fun.

9. Photographer

Do you have a knack for photography? Do people always corner you to take their picture? Why not make a fortune off it.  Here’s the trick: You will need a great camera, a tripod and equipment insurance before you begin; while the cost may seem to be exceeding your budget, wait for a good deal to set up shop. Freelance photographers make a median of $24 per hour.

10. Arts and Crafts Instructor

In the last decade, people seem very inclined towards mastering arts and crafts, such as painting, jewelry making, pottery, printmaking, knitting, and DIY decorations, amongst others. If you have a few skills up your sleeve, why not help train others and earn substantial profits for your efforts? Day, evening, or weekend classes can be taught from a home-based studio or in collaboration crafts retailer.

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