Looking For Low Stress Jobs With High Pay? 16 Shockingly Simple Jobs That Make Over $50k!

Don’t we all hate our jobs! well, not all of us. As they say, you land a job you really love, it will never feel like work. But how do you make passion pay the bills or pay off student loans. Wouldn’t it be amazing to find low stress jobs with high pay? Luckily for you, there exist a horde of astoundingly simple jobs that pay more than your current salary!

Best Low Stress Jobs That Pay More Than You Can Imagine!

Video Game Player

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Are you a pro-gamer? Did you know that playing video games could be your full-time job? Even better, that it pays so well. If you think you have the chops, this could be right up your alley. You will get to play games all day as part of your job as a video game tester. Well, its not exactly a bed of roses for everyone, since the working hours could go up as much as 16 hours a day, and you will hardly be allowed to speak to anyone during that time. \

However, looking at the greener side of the pasture, you will get your hand on games that haven’t been released to the public. Not to mention, your colleagues will be like-minded gaming enthusiasts, not creature-of-habit robots masquerading as humans! Top gamers earn as much as $15,000 per hour, reports The Hollywood Reporter

To land such low stress jobs, you would have to show a penchant for video games and be really good at the game. Not normal type of good but MLG level of greatness!

Professional Sleeper

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I know we are talking about finding low stress jobs with high pay but getting paid to sleep sounds too good to be true! As a luxury bed tester, you get to spend the day sleeping on the job, reviewing different beds under various room conditions, and suggesting improvements.

Or perhaps you could sign up to participate in various paid experiments where you will have to sleep your days away, so that doctors could monitor your mental and physical states for changes. Don’t think of it like doing nothing; you are actually helping to improve products, or even playing your part to advance science in some cases.

Panda Nanny

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Playing nanny to a gaggle of spoiled brats does come with a nice paycheck but isn’t always the most rewarding job that we could ask for. But if you chuck squalling little humans out of the equation and swap them with adorable little baby panda bears, you would relish in your new, fulfilling career.

The China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in Ya’an hires what they call Panda Nannies, who only have to take care of some of nature’s most adorable little creatures. Pandas are loving, cuddly little beings that won’t tell on you if you invite a few friends over. If you are looking for high paying. low stress jobs, this role fits the bill!


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Well, you do need to study a lot about eyes to become an optometrist, but once you have gone through that nitty gritty part, you will have a lot of tools at your disposal to make your life easier. In a nutshell, you have the patient try out a bunch of lenses and identify the ones they say are the clearest. You can make a fortune working in a clean and slow-paced work environment, around $125,000 on average.

House Sitter

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If we talk about an easy job with high pay, this has got to be the easiest. Living in someone else’s house while they’re away and having the whole house to yourself might actually be an upgrade from living in your own house. You would be surprised to know that some house sitters make $100 per day doing this. Just make sure you don’t burn down the house!

Power Plant Operator

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It is Homer Simpson’s job, so how hard could it be? On a serious note, the job role entails a lot of responsibility, since a power plant is the source of electricity of millions of businesses and households. But all it really needs is a simple flick of the switches to get the plant system working just fine. All you need is a vocational diploma to become a power plant operator.

Toy Designer

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Want to be one of Santa’s elves? It’s time to live out your wildest childhood fantasies and let your creativity run berserk. Inventing new toys is a job where you get to design toys and feel like a kid forever. While the average pay is just over $58,000, you can earn as much as $86,000 as you gain more experience.

Beer Tester

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If you think of yourself as a beer connoisseur, this job is a whiff of heaven for you. You will probably be travelling around the country, visiting pubs and local inns, and guzzling different beers for free! Sounds like a dream to me! You might want to think about that beer belly though.

Paper Towel Sniffer

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Hands down, this has got to be the easiest job on this lost. Paper towel companies need these professionals to sniff their products to ensure that only the odorless products are packaged. Best part, you don’t need a diploma to become a paper towel sniffer. All you have to do is sniff towels! Such an easy job with high pay! I think I have found my dream job!

Mystery Shopper

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Mystery shoppers go on shopping sprees with other’s people money, with the end goal being to rate the store’s cleanliness, customer service and more. The average full-time salary is around $43,000, though these gigs are often part time jobs only. Once you have carved a niche for yourself, you will probably earn as much as $127,000 a year.

Professional Hugger

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You might not be one for cuddles, but how hard can it be to hug strangers! People sometimes hire professional snugglers to keep them company in their loneliest hours. In an isolated society, these folks help to alleviate depression and stave off anxiety, and it can be quite useful to have them around. And if you’ve got a real passion for snuggles, this must sound like an opportunity of a lifetime to you.

Voice-Over Artist

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While the big shot voice-over artists are known for transforming their voices into numerous different characters, even you can make a handsome amount by just using your normal voice or finding a few good characters in your voice. Movie, commercial, and cartoon voice-over artists make an average annual salary of $80,000, and even more as they advance in their career. All it really takes is to sit in a booth and read a script.

Food Stylist

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Now this is a dream job for a foodie like me. Turning edible things into spectacular masterpieces of art, painting Picasso on a platter, prepping and styling them for the glossy pages of magazines and cookery books. I am salivating! Instead of a canvas, you may find yourself brushing sauces and even shoe polish over some tender chicken or drizzling colored glue over pancakes to make them look moist! How well does it pay, you may ask? An estimated $77,000 a year! If you have a great aesthetic sense, and a profound love of food, go for it!

Fortune Cookie Writer

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You might have never paid much heed to those little slips of premonition inside your favorite Chinese takeout’s fortune cookies, but did you know they were actually written by professionals. If you want to test the waters of content writing, without falling into a gig that leaves you burnt out, why not try your hands at fortune cookie writing.

Private Island Caretaker

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You know the feeling when you become affluent to a point where you are not just content with spending your time lounging on a tropical island, having to share it with other people, so you buy the whole island! Well, you probably don’t, but you can now ride the coattails of the blessed few and become their private island caretaker. It’s kind of like house-sitting but on a much more lavish scale! Imagine spending your life in a secluded paradise and getting paid for it!

Personal Shoppers

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Be it celebrity circles or in the high-pressure corporate world, there do exist people who are too busy to shop for themselves. So, they hire a “corporate concierge” to do it for them. If you are a die-hard shopaholic, the idea of limitless shopping, and that too from someone else’s money, must be the easy job with high pay that you never knew about.  Personal shoppers typically make between $30,000 and $60,000 a year, though the best ones can score more than $100,000. Talk about finding low stress jobs!

Can you think of more low stress jobs with high pay? Do let us know in the comments below!

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