5 Terrible Excuses People Have For Not Chasing Their Entrepreneurial Dreams

Do you harbor secret ambitions of crossing the threshold into the world of entrepreneurship? Do you have some amazing idea in mind you would love for the world to know, but you are constantly making excuses as to why it’s not the right time to chase it? Here’s what all successful entrepreneurs have in common — they pushed the excuses aside, and decided to take a plunge! Here are six most common excuses that are keeping millions from chasing their entrepreneurial dreams.

“I am Too Old”

We often see young, Ivy League college students portrayed as the face of entrepreneurship, since a headline about a twenty something making it big in the entrepreneurial space is going to catch more eyeballs than a story about a middle-aged, balding man who is launching a venture out of his garage. This is why most of us think that our time has passed. Yes, Mark Zuckerberg did co-found Facebook from his Harvard dorm room, but we also have many inspiring stories of companies established by older entrepreneurs. Henry Ford was 45 when he created the Model T, Tony Fadell, a wunderkind at Apple in his early thirties, founded Nest at age 41, while Ray Kroc was 52 when he bought McDonald’s. Age is after all just a number! If you have the entrepreneurial streak, don’t let your age dictate the terms.

“I Don’t Have the time”

Unless you live in some other universe, you get exactly the same number of hours as Bill Gates, Benjamin Franklin or Elon Musk! The difference is that all these (and many more) successful people know how to use their time to their advantage. Elon Musk, is the founder of SpaceX and a co-founder of Zip2, PayPal and Tesla Motors, as well as the chairman of SolarCity focusing on solar energy. It’s fascinating to imagine how he juggles so many balls simultaneously! If you too aspire to work on a side hustle while still working your full-time job, you will just have to learn how to prioritize the time away from work. Most people who claim not having enough time are usually the ones who while away hours idling in front of the TV or playing video games after work, who socialize every night, and catch a snooze on their commutes! All these hours can be very well utilized to work on your own business venture.

“I am Underfunded”

You don’t need a million dollars to launch a venture. We have seen many startups take flight on a much smaller scale. You can bootstrap your business from your savings and make sure that your business model generates revenue fast enough to keep you above water. You can even fund your startup by selling some product or service and investing the profit. Remember that most home-based ventures do not need a factory to operate. In any case, you won’t find capital by staring at an empty office space and feeling sorry for yourself. Convince friends or family to invest in your business. Or, seek out angel investors. Even better, you can use platforms such as kickstarter and use crowdfounding to fund your business.

“I don’t have good ideas”

You don’t have to change the world with the next best ground-shattering business idea! If the only thing that is stopping you from entering entrepreneurship is lack of original ideas, you can always use someone else’s idea, and somehow make it better. The smartphone in your pocket is a great example of one company taking someone else’s idea and making it a little better. If you are not sure if your business idea would create a hype, you can always test your idea via social networks and forums. Talk to real people and see they respond.

“I am Scared of Failing”

Any entrepreneur who says they weren’t scared out of their minds at the beginning, are lying flat to your face! The difference is that they used that fear to propel themselves closer to their dreams rather than let it stop them from realizing their ambition! There’s only one thing you need to be scared of: not being able to at least try to chase your aspirations! Imagine if you are too scared to go ahead with your amazing business idea and someone else comes to market with your idea in the future. Imagine the remorse you would feel for not pursuing your dream

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